John Deere Takes High-Tech Farming to the Next Level

IoT World Today takes you inside John Deere’s farm of the future

Liz Hughes, Editor, IoT World Today

May 19, 2023

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John Deere

John Deere continues to take high-tech farming to the next level from autonomous tractors to harvesters, combines and everything in between as it develops the farming of the future.

IoT World Today’s editorial director Chuck Martin recently spent some time at John Deere’s test farm just outside of Austin, Texas, where the company tests technologies on its new farm of the future.

From the high level of connectivity needed to track the hundreds of sensors in its farming equipment to its goal of connecting 1 million more machines to the development of an advanced seeding-fertilizer capability and more, this editorial and video series offers an inside look at the future of farming.

John Deere Creates Farm of the Future

Two years ago, John Deere made a splash at CES with the introduction of its fully self-driving tractor. At CES 2023, its high-tech fertilizer and chemical spreader was on display. Now, John Deere has provided an inside look at its technology at work on its test farm. 

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Watch the video: John Deere’s Farm of the Future

John Deere Takes Seed Planting to a New Level

John Deere is taking its sensing technology down to the plant seed level. Not only can seeds be planted rapidly by Deere’s automated seeding technology shooting more than 1,000 seeds a second, but John Deere has also developed a new advanced seeding-fertilizer capability facilitated by sophisticated and precise tracking technologies.

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Watch the video: The Planter in Action at John Deere’s Farm of the Future

John Deere Aims to Connect 1 Million More Machines

John Deere’s vision of tech-enabled farming involves a high degree of connectivity. In addition to hundreds of sensors in its farming machines that track everything from seed planting to fertilizing and weeding, the Deere machines need communication capabilities to be able to deal with the rapid information collection and flow. Hear what Jonny Spendlove, senior product manager of connectivity at John Deere, had to say. 

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Watch the video: The Combine Harvester at John Deere's Farm of the Future

John Deere Self-Driving Tractor Goes to Work

While fully self-driving cars continue in development and testing, John Deere has totally driverless tractors working on the farm. With a tap of the app, the tractor can go to work  based on parameters the farmer sets for the route, which is then automated. 

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Watch the video of John Deere's Autonomous Tractor on Its Farm of the Future

John Deere CTO Jahmy Hindman on Tech Transformation on the Farm

Jahmy Hindman, chief technology officer at John Deere, sat down with Chuck Martin for a discussion on the Deere technology and its current and future role in farming.

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The Sprayer at Work on John Deere's Farm of the Future

John Deere takes automated farming to the next level with the sprayer, which uses sensors and robotics to allow farmers to more precisely seed and fertilize crops. Showcased earlier this year at CES, the autonomous system, called “See and Spray,” uses cameras and real-time machine learning to identify precisely what crop the machine is seeing and deals with it appropriately.

Watch the video of the sprayer in action 

The Planter in Action at John Deere's Farm of the Future

The Planter at the John Deere test farm can shoot more than 1,000 seeds per second into the ground. It also fertilizes each seed individually in milliseconds with Deere's ExactShot technology. 

Watch the video of the planter in action

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