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All the latest robotics news from IoT World Today

AI-Powered Humanoid Robot Startup Emerges from Stealth

Mentee Robotics’ robot uses large-language models, machine learning and AI to give it locomotion, navigation and reasoning capabilities

Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot Atlas Retires

Atlas recently demonstrated the picking and placing of automotive struts using image recognition technology

Amazon Invests $743M in Robotics and AI in Europe

The funding has to date been used to roll out more than 1,000 robots and AI tools at Amazon’s facilities

Service Robot Offers Personalized Interactions

Pudu Robotics’ updated AI-enabled BellaBot pro can identify dishes and products, and autonomously navigate its environment

Robotic Cook Coming to AI-Powered Gas Station

The Wingman robot automatically prepares and serves menu items including chicken wings and french fries