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All the latest robotics news from IoT World Today

SoftBank to Create Industrial Robots for Saudi Arabia

SoftBank will help create industrial robots to “radically transform manufacturing” in Saudi Arabia, in a venture worth up to $150 million

AI-Enabled Recycling Robot Can Identify 500 Kinds of Trash

ZenRobotics said its robots’ new AI features “revolutionized” waste-sorting

Robot Performs Remote-Controlled Operation in Space

The simulated experiment marks one of the first times remote surgery tasks have been completed in space

Snake-Like Robot Navigates Obstacle Course

The limbless robot spontaneously reacts to its environment and could be used in search-and-rescue efforts

Self-Learning Robot Teaches Itself to Open Doors

The new design from Carnegie Mellon University promotes the use of real-world experience to teach robots and could inform future domestic robots