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All the latest robotics news from IoT World Today

Most Read: AI Robots Show Cat-Like Agility, Volvo Reveals Self-Driving Truck

Also inside, Boeing invests $70 million in flying taxi subsidiary Wisk Aero

Robotic Head Transplant Surgery Plans Revealed

BrainBridge has released a concept video of its planned system that uses robotics, AI and precise imaging to perform head transplants

Robot Guide Dog Design Guidelines Released

The University of Massachusetts team conducted interviews with guide dog users and handlers, to create a guide for engineers

Jet-Propelled Swimming Creatures Could Inspire Deep-Sea Robots

A team from the University of Oregon found swimming techniques used by marine animals called salps could inform the design of large underwater vehicles and robots

AI-Powered Robots Show Off Cat-Like Agility at Robotics Conference

Deep Robotics’ quadruped robots were on display at this year’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation