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All the latest robotics news from IoT World Today

Robotic Arm Developed to Support Quantum Research

Cross-disciplinary approach was inspired by precision surgical robots

Robot Dog Designed as Astronaut Companion

The prototype design was created by a student from South Korea’s Hongik University.

Hyundai Robot-Operated Electric Vehicle Plant Opens in Singapore

Featuring 200 robots taking on around 50% of all tasks, Hyundai said its facility will “redefine” manufacturing

AI-Powered Robot Dogs Tested to Find Explosive Devices

In a three-day event 40 programmers “fine-tuned” AI programs to get robot dogs ready for bomb disposal tasks

Brown Researchers Create Tool to Simplify Human-Robot Communication

The system was tested on 21 simulations and in real life using Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot, reporting an 80% accuracy rate