Hyundai Unveils One-Touch Automated Parking System

By using a touchscreen, the automated Mobis Parking System can park and also memorize maneuvers for future use

Graham Hope

September 21, 2023

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A hand touching a screen inside a car showing how parking can be done automatically with just one touch with the Hyundai Mobis system
Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis has developed cutting-edge new technology that allows owners to park their vehicles at the touch of a screen.

The South Korean company – one of the world’s leading automotive component suppliers and part of the giant Hyundai Motor Group – unveiled an updated version of the automated Mobis Parking System (MPS) that it first revealed in 2021.

A standout feature of the new MPS 1.0 Premium solution is Memory Parking Assist (MPA), which adds functionality that will make it easy for owners to park their vehicles.

When what is essentially a “route learning mode” is activated, an owner parks their vehicle and MPA can automatically memorize the maneuver. The next time the vehicle is in the same location, it can use this knowledge to park itself with just one touch of the onboard touchscreen.

The automated functionality is delivered via what is described as the “fusion of video-based sensors”. By integrating ultrasonic sensors and surround view cameras, the tech can measure the vehicle’s location and create a map.

According to Hyundai Mobis, this technique – which originated from robotics – allows a stored parking distance of up to 328 feet.

The company is supremely confident that MPS 1.0 Premium will attract a host of orders globally, not least because of its effectiveness at an affordable cost.

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Because the tech does not use relatively expensive lidar and radar sensors, it can be produced and sold at attractive prices, meaning it could feasibly become a common feature even on vehicles competing at the lower end of the market.

Hyundai Mobis has particularly high hopes for the product in Europe and China, where designated parking areas and private garages are reasonably common. The company said it would be welcomed by owners because “parking stress is eliminated as remote parking in the same location is possible based on the previously learned driving path.” 

The tech was introduced at the AutoSens Conference in Brussels and marks another step forward for the company in its effort to bring urban autonomous driving innovations to the market.

Earlier this year, Hyundai Mobis showed off its pioneering eCorner tech in South Korea, which allows all four wheels of a vehicle to rotate 90 degrees together or separately. This facilitates maneuvers that could aid autonomous driving and parking – including “crab walking,” when all four wheels turn 90 degrees for parallel movement.

As with automakers such as BMW and Mercedes, it is also working on unmanned automated valet parking. The Hyundai Motor Group has previously said it planned to have this tech in mass production by 2024.

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