Wireless Wonderland: How a 5G Wireless Wide Area Network Makes Georgia’s Leading Smart City Possible

Dee Dee Paré, a senior product marketing manager for Cradlepoint, on how the smart city of Peachtree Corners continues to push the boundaries of what cities can do with cutting-edge technology

Dee Dee Paré, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cradlepoint

October 16, 2023

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A Beep shuttle at Peachtree Corners
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Nestled northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, the city of Peachtree Corners is carving out a niche as one of the first truly smart cities in the United States, thanks to new connectivity technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  

Peachtree Corners has tapped into the power of 5G wireless wide area network (WAN) as the foundation of the smart city’s connectivity. With 5G wireless as the foundation, the city has been able to partner with a variety of technology leaders to create a comprehensive, smart city. 

Thanks to these groundbreaking technology initiatives, Peachtree Corners has become known as the “Silicon Orchard” — widely recognized as one of the first smart cities in the U.S., continually pushing the boundaries of what cities can do with cutting-edge technology. 

A Test Bed for Tomorrow’s Technologies, Today 

Peachtree Corners has a propensity for leaning into the latest technology. The city is home to the Curiosity Lab, a municipal living lab and technology incubator. Using the city's infrastructure, the lab tests potential use cases for IoT and 5G technologies, drawing on an expansive 5G network. 

The city has invested in smart cameras and IoT solutions to simplify the deployment and management of connected devices and even implemented an all-electric autonomous shuttle within the city. City leaders have also focused on the digital transformation of public spaces and partnered with a light detection and ranging (lidar) sensor provider to implement compact and highly accurate lidar solutions across diverse applications. 

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Saving Time, Improving Safety With Advanced Connectivity 

At the heart of these transformative initiatives lies powerful 5G WWAN technology, which allowed Peachtree Corners to bypass the limitations of wired broadband. The city tapped into a comprehensive network management solution and deployed ruggedized 5G routers at smart intersections and in parking structures to establish a secure and efficient WWAN. 

These 5G-powered solutions facilitate near real-time parking and safety monitoring. The high-speed connectivity helped the city deploy smart parking applications with smart cameras in the city center, providing an essential safety layer for the local police department. It also enhanced communication with residents about parking and safety in the downtown area. This leap into the future has already shown significant results, reducing loitering in traffic decks by 95% and cutting autonomous shuttle route time by three minutes.  

City employees have also been able to manage and monitor the system efficiently with a network management system that is easy to use. With the help of network connectivity professionals, Peachtree Corners IT staff quickly set up routers and SIM cards, established VPN access, and trained employees, showcasing the solution's scalability and potential time savings.  

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Connecting to a Smarter, Safer Future 

Peachtree Corners' smart city project demonstrates the transformative potential of advanced 5G WWAN technology. The results of the investment in 5G and IoT technologies have led to improved traffic safety, parking efficiency, and public safety, all while saving time and resources. 

This forward-thinking approach serves as a beacon to other cities across the globe, demonstrating the potential of smart technologies in creating safer, more efficient urban environments. The Peachtree Corners model shows that with the right innovations in 5G and IoT technology, the smart city of tomorrow is already here — today.

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