IoT Videos: Five Industry Leaders Recap IoT’s Breakout Year

Our IoT videos from Internet of Things World 2017 captured high levels of optimism among IoT’s elite on what can be achieved with connected technology.

Jeremy Coward

January 15, 2018

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Digital Technology embraces the world
Internet of Things (IoT) links the physical and digital worlds, creating smart environments through digital technologies to drive actionable insights, aka Industrial Internet and Internet of Machines.Thinkstock

IoT scaled in 2017 following years of education and implementation. The number of connected devices and IoT-driven projects grew and consolidated. IoT itself came a step closer to becoming a ubiquitous technology, as many expected. 

This trend caused unprecedented levels of optimism among those on-site at Internet of Things World 2017, and the IoT Institute had the pleasure to speak one-on-one with the IoT trailblazers tens of thousands of attendees came to hear. These IoT videos captured what they had to say.

FBI Cybersecurity Chief: IoT Opportunities and Threats

If there’s one demographic you can forgive for being less than optimistic about IoT uptake, it’s cybersecurity professionals – particularly when the security of an entire nation is at stake.

FBI Chief Information Security Officer Arlette Hart was nonetheless cautiously positive about the growth of IoT, calling it “both an opportunity and a challenge.” The same went for blockchain, connected cars and smart cities, all of which she called equally fundamental to the future of the FBI.


GE Power Digital Chief: The Industrial IoT Revolution

2017 was also arguably the breakthrough year for industrial IoT, with the industrial internet touted as the next big source of ROI ahead of most other IoT applications. Yet when the year began, it seemed the world was still lacking in high-profile industrial IoT case studies – or at least widely publicized ones.

GE Power Chief Digital Officer and IoT World 2018 keynote Ganesh Bell disagreed, explaining that industrial IoT implementation is well underway for the world’s biggest companies, which are now racing to unlock “$8.6 trillion in value.”


The Hershey Company: Pioneering the Candy IoT Revolution

We also learned industrial IoT implementation doesn’t need to be boring, even for the casual observer. Now-former senior manager at The Hershey Company George Lenhart explained to us how he pioneered the use of IoT to disrupt the candy sector. His “Internet of Twizzlers” cut down on the production of excess candy using weight-monitoring sensors, leading to major cost savings for Hershey’s.


thyssenkrupp CEO: Justifying the Hype Around Smart Buildings

thyssenkrupp Elevator has been a regular feature at IoT World Series’ events since the first Internet of Things World five years ago. Last year CEO Andreas Schierenbeck spoke with us at the event about smart buildings, one of IoT’s most coveted areas and thyssenkrupp’s bread and butter. The analytics and maintenance features thyssenkrupp is pioneering justifies the hype, with implications that stretch well beyond elevators.


HPE Technology Chief: The Benefits of Digital Twins

Meanwhile IoT Institute Content Director Brian Buntz interviewed Lin Nease, IoT chief technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on digital twins and edge computing, two likely hot topics this year. Nease believes reality-mirroring software and the computing power required for IoT technology to run at full throttle will become a must for industrial enterprises in the near future.


With the initial speaker lineup and agenda for Internet of Things World 2018 recently announced, we’ll soon know who will return to revisit their claims, and which new thought leaders will take the stage to deliver case studies and make new predictions. Keep an eye out for new IoT videos from the event. 

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