Tesla Cybertruck Unveiled; Ready for Purchase

Buyers can pre-order the electric pickup truck, with two models available next year

Liz Hughes, Editor, IoT World Today

December 1, 2023

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The Tesla cybertruck

After years of hype and a lot of suspense, Tesla’s Cybertruck is a reality, one that is “making sci-fi a reality,” Tesla said at its unveiling this week. 

There has been widespread anticipation for Tesla’s electric pickup truck initially announced in 2019. Tesla originally planned production to begin in 2021, then pushed it to 2022 before announcing in May that it would be this year.

On Thursday it became real. 

The vehicle’s specifications say it is more utility than a truck and faster than a sports car, with the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, a range of up to 340 miles, a payload capacity of 2,500 pounds and a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

See it race a Porsche 911:

Cybertruck also features an “ultra-hard” stainless-steel exoskeleton which the company says will result in fewer dents, along with less damage and long-term corrosion. It also has Armor Glass that Tesla says can resist the impact from a 70 mph baseball or class IV hail, plus it has acoustic glass to help make it quiet inside the cabin.

The exoskeleton tests include testing against shopping carts and even bullets:

In May Tesla confirmed the Cybertruck will be built at its Gigafactory in Texas. 

In June 2022, the company confirmed it will be using the world’s largest casting machine, known as Giga Press, for Cybertruck production.

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A Cybertruck will cost anywhere from $60,990 for a rear-wheel drive vehicle, available in 2025 to an estimated $79,990 for an all-wheel drive version or $99,990 for the Cyberbeast, both available next year. Buyers can pre-order through Tesla.

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