Self-Driving Traffic Management System Approved in Florida, Receives Patent

Florida’s Department of Transportation has approved the use of NoTraffic's patented AI-based traffic management platform

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

April 11, 2024

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A still from the NoTraffic system

A Tel Aviv-based developer of autonomous traffic management systems has been approved to deploy its AI-powered technology in Florida.

The Florida Department of Transportation approved NoTraffic to operate its smart traffic light systems in the state.

NoTraffic's AI-powered traffic signal platform autonomously manages a city’s traffic flow by using a combination of AI-powered sensors and cameras as well as software solutions to identify road users including cars, buses, pedestrians and bicycles.

The company retrofits existing intersections with its AI-powered traffic management technology by installing various sensors around a city. These sensors communicate with one another, transmitting information about traffic flow.

Transportation agencies can then monitor data from those cameras through its platform, using it to react to road conditions in real time.

NoTraffic's cameras and sensors can function in adverse weather conditions that would impede traditional traffic management systems from detecting vehicles efficiently, such as heavy rain, fog and snow.

Florida is the latest state to approve NoTraffic’s platform for use. Its technology has already been deployed in more than 24 states, including in California, Colorado and Texas, as well as in parts of Canada.

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"Receiving approval from the Florida Department of Transportation is a significant achievement for NoTraffic, as it marks a milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing traffic management," said Tal Kreisler, CEO and co-founder of NoTraffic. "This endorsement not only opens doors for us in Florida but also positions NoTraffic as a trusted partner for traffic agencies and states across the nation. This reflects our hard-earned commitment to creating a safer, more efficient future for North American roadways."

NoTraffic recently secured U.S. patent protection for its Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology that powers its AI platform.

A V2X system allows cars to communicate with the environment around them through a combination of connected technologies, like sensors and cameras.

NoTraffic’s V2X system used in its AI platform covers non-connected vehicles as well as connected cars.

NoTraffic can also monitor non-connected vehicles, including bikes, just as it would be able to communicate with connected vehicles by collating the data from its various cameras and sensors.

"NoTraffic's mission has always been rooted in its commitment to redefine mobility,” said Kreisler. “The issuance of this patent is a testament to the collective dedication of our team in pushing the boundaries of traffic innovation. Our platform offers a diverse range of V2X applications that goes beyond the immediate benefits, positioning itself as a premier all-in-one solution for V2X implementation.”

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NoTraffic’s patent award comes as the U.S. Department of Transportation is looking to implement V2X technology in intersections across major cities within the next two years.

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