Hyundai Mobis’ e-Corner system allows the MOBION to pull off unique maneuvers in limited space

Graham Hope

January 10, 2024

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The audience reacts to the debut of the crab-walking MOBION, from leading automotive parts supplier Hyundai Mobis.
Hyundai Mobis

One of the most eye-catching presentations at this year’s CES was the debut of the crab-walking MOBION, from leading automotive parts supplier Hyundai Mobis.

The MOBION, essentially a modified version of Hyundai’s award-winning Ioniq 5 EV, is fitted with Hyundai Mobis’ next-generation e-Corner system, which enables movement that no conventional vehicles are capable of.

With all four wheels controlled individually, the MOBION can pull off unique maneuvers such as diagonal driving, sideways motion and stationary pivot turns, where the car rotates 360 degrees in a limited space with virtually no movement.

These dramatic moves are made possible by what the company calls its “In Wheel” Technology, which literally propels the EV forward. 

The package, which was first tested publicly in Seosan, South Korea last year, consists of brake-by-wire, steer-by-wire, a damper and an in-wheel motor installed on each wheel, with Hyundai Mobis’ advanced control system ensuring they all work together in harmony.

The company’s head of advanced engineering Lee Young-kook explained: “In-Wheel technology involves placing four small motors inside each wheel, as opposed to the single large driving motor commonly used in EVs. This configuration enables each wheel to generate its own power independently.”

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While the sight of a familiar car such as the MOBION crab walking – with all four wheels turned at 90 degrees for parallel movement – has a certain novelty value, there would be obvious benefits for owners of vehicles fitted with the tech.

The e-Corner system has clear potential to make tricky parking tasks much easier to perform, for example, and could open up new opportunities for autonomous vehicle deployment.

According to Hyundai Mobis, e-Corner – or at least elements of it – could become a reality for future mobility solutions. Head of electrification Lee Seung-Hwan said: “The MOBION represents the embodiment of Hyundai Mobis’ core technologies, all of which are ready for immediate mass production.”

The MOBION also attracted attention at CES thanks to its Lidar tech, which helps facilitate autonomous driving. Its configuration of two short-distance lidars adjacent to the left and right headlamps, with a long-distance one placed centrally, is claimed to be particularly useful for lateral movement and recognizing nearby objects in maneuvers such as diagonal lane changes.

And with the assistance of the short-distance lidar, a new LED on the front bumper displays the direction in which a pedestrian is crossing the street. Additionally, the rear bumper can alert drivers against changing lanes or passing, signaling that a pedestrian is crossing either to the left or right.

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