Drone Designed for Mountain Deliveries, Emergency Rescues

DJI’s FlyCart 30 drone offers more efficient and flexible delivered to harder to reach locations

Liz Hughes, Editor, IoT World Today

January 22, 2024

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Drone maker DJI has introduced a new delivery drone that the company said can overcome traditional challenges due to its design.

The DJI FlyCart 30 (FC30) has a large payload capacity, long operation range and has “high reliability and intelligent features,” according to the company. DJI said the new design allows for more efficient and flexible deliveries to mountain and offshore locations, as well as emergency rescues.

Christina Zhang, senior director of corporate strategy at DJI said from agriculture to construction management and surveying, DJI's industrial-grade drones have transformed industries by improving worker safety and business productivity. 

“We are optimistic that FlyCart 30 will become a trusted solution for aerial delivery, solving complex terrain and terminal transportation problems efficiently, economically, and most importantly, safely from the air,” Zhang said. 

The FC30 can average 65 feet per second maximum flight speed. In dual-battery mode it can carry a 66-pound payload for 9.9 miles. In emergency single-battery mode that payload increases to 88 pounds for almost five miles. 

The company’s DJI O3 transmission ensures a stable connection between the drone and remote controllers up to 18 miles away and the company’s Dual Operator mode lets two pilots in different locations transfer control of the drone with a single click.

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The FC30 is also designed for extreme weather and terrain and can operate in temperatures from -4 to 122 degrees and can fly in high winds. Its propellers can support flights up to 9,800 feet with a 66-pound payload and have self-heating batteries to perform in low temperatures.  

The FC30 also has redundancies and smart safety features for operational safety. It also has an integrated parachute that can be deployed at low altitudes and land the drone if necessary. The drone folds down to transport in a standard-sized vehicle.

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