EVTOL Cargo Drone Makes First Flight

Moya Aero's autonomous cargo drones can carry up to 440 pounds and have a travel range of 68 miles

Liz Hughes, Editor, IoT World Today

December 5, 2023

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Moya Aero’s eVTOL cargo drone taking its first flight.
Moya Aero

Moya Aero’s eVTOL (electric vertical landing and takeoff vehicle) successfully performed its first flight, marking the start of the company’s flight testing phase before entering into service in 2026.

The first flight of the high-capacity drone prototype took place over the SDA4 airfield outside of São José dos Campos, Brazil. 

Moya’s eVTOLs are autonomous cargo drones that can carry up to 440 pounds and have a travel range of 68 miles. The company developed the all-electric autonomous, high-capacity cargo drone to solve logistic challenges and to reach places difficult to access. 

Alexandre Zaramela, CEO of Moya Aero and designer of the eVTOL called the successful takeoff a “remarkable feat.”

"Even though I have already experienced other first flights throughout my career, it is always a thrill to see the vehicle fly as planned," he said. 

He added that with logistics systems experiencing saturation, the Moya eVTOL has the potential to combine sustainability and solutions for different markets.

Moya Aero already had several deals to purchase its eVTOLS. 

In November, Fototerra, a Brazilian geo-information technology company, signed a letter of intent to purchase 10 Moya Aero eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing) craft.

A month earlier, Canadian air cargo startup N2 Infrastructure Technologies, signed a deal to purchase four Moya Aero eVTOLS. Demand for cargo drones is on the rise.

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Demand for cargo drones is on the rise. 

In October, Elroy Air announced that its autonomous hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) cargo drone orders surpassed 1,000 vehicles.

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