In a new video the Optimus humanoid robot also shows it can identify its limbs in space, and sort objects autonomously

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

September 26, 2023

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The Optimus humanoid robot can perform yoga poses

Tesla has released a video update of its humanoid robot Optimus, which has been given new vision, dexterity and neural network capabilities to “self-calibrate” its arms and legs.

The new features allow Optimus to identify its own body in a space, move autonomously through its environment and even perform yoga poses.

In addition to identifying its limbs in space, Optimus is shown to be able to sort and unsort objects even with human interference, demonstrated in the video by the robot placing blue and green blocks into the color-coded trays.

It can also self-correct, adjusting blocks that have been placed incorrectly or have fallen on their side.

While the yoga poses have no practical purpose, they demonstrate the robot’s newfound balance and flexibility.

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The update marks a significant milestone for the robot, which had limited mobility until the previous update in May, which saw the robots moving through a space, autonomously navigating obstacles and ‘memorizing’ its environment. 

Initially designed as a worker assistant to help combat ongoing labor shortages, Optimus is now said to have potential applications beyond the industrial sector to help with domestic tasks. 

A final iteration of Optimus is set to debut on Sept. 30 at Tesla’s AI Day, a year after plans for the project were initially announced.

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Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

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