Spot the Firefighter: New York City's Fire Department to Use Boston Dynamics Robots

The bot will be used to enter hazardous conditions to prevent firefighters from being in harm’s way

Ben Wodecki

March 18, 2022

1 Min Read

The New York City Fire Department is set to use Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots for search and rescue missions.

The 70-pound quadruped will be used to enter hazardous conditions to prevent firefighters from being in harm’s way.

The fire department has previously tested robots on several occasions, most notably purchasing Super Droid bots in 2014 to detect hazardous materials. However, those units were found to be too cumbersome.

Spot will now take Super Droid’s place, with the fire department keen on improving the public’s perception of robot deployments.

New Yorkers took issue with the NYPD using Spots during routine arrests. The police force was forced to terminate its $94,000 contract with Boston Dynamics in April 2021 after failing to disclose its partnership with the robotics firm.

Following the termination of the Boston Dynamics contract, New York City Councilman Ben Kallos introduced legislation to ban the NYPD from using “weaponized” robots

And while not specifically Spot, further public anger arose earlier this year after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security began testing robot dogs to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border.

From burning buildings to a galaxy far, far away as Spot recently received a cameo in a Disney+ Star Wars show.

Three of the robots were shown wearing white appendages being herded like sheep.

Spot, along with other Boston Dynamics bots, was recently seen partying during Super Bowl advertisements for beermaker Sam Adams.

This article first appeared in IoT World Today’s sister publication AI Business

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