Humanoid Robot Startup Debuts Electric, Somersaulting Robot

MagicLab, a recently launched humanoid robotics startup, said it is the first company to challenge Boston Dynamics’ acrobatic Atlas robot

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

January 25, 2024

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MagicLab's electrically-controlled robots

MagicLab, a humanoid robotics startup, has debuted a prototype of its electric bipedal robot. 

In a video release, the robot is shown performing front flips, in a feat of engineering that the company said is the first of its kind to challenge the same moves by Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot


The Silicon Valley-based startup launched last year, primarily working in stealth to develop its pipeline of electrically powered humanoid robots. 

The company said it has developed motor joints and actuators for its robots to give them high levels of mobility and balance, demonstrated by the robot’s ability to somersault.

"Our new joint motor design … enables the robot to maintain its stability while flipping its body in the air," MagicLab said in a statement. “[These] aerial maneuvers or jumping twists are no longer restricted to only hydraulic robots like Atlas.”

Electrically-powered robots are less expensive to build and maintain compared to hydraulic robots, and MagicLab said that with its new design, it demonstrates the viability of developing these robots without jeopardizing dexterity or mobility.

According to the company, potential applications for its robots include search-and-rescue, logistics and transportation, industrial automation and entertainment, though the robot’s design is still being developed.

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"Currently, we have yet to unleash the full potential of the robot's joints with just the front flip," MagicLab said. "The joint module still has more than a third of kinematic redundancy, meaning there is room to improve in overall motion control."

Next, the company said it wants to teach its robot to perform advanced acrobatic moves such as single-leg jumps, back flips and aerial cartwheels.

Alongside its acrobatic robot, MagicLab also released a video of its barista robot making coffee.

The company wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “the robotic coffee bar is officially open”, though no details of the robot’s design or potential availability were included.

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