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Quantum Tapped for HVAC Optimization

Vinci Energies and QuantumBasel initiate a pilot project using D-Wave's quantum technology

John Potter

July 28, 2023

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A researcher working on quantum computer components
The project will use D-Wave's quantum technology. D-Wave

QuantumBasel has launched a quantum pilot project with Vinci Energies to optimize heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system design and installation.

QuantumBasel is Switzerland’s first quantum hub for commercial use, part of the uptownBasel innovation campus. Vinci Energies is an environmental and digital transition accelerator that designs innovative HVAC systems for buildings under construction. Through this collaboration, the companies aim to enhance user comfort, reduce environmental impact and optimize material costs while meeting safety and sustainability requirements.

One of the last steps in the HVAC design process is called network generation, which ensures that all HVAC elements are correctly connected while complying with safety and sustainability requirements. This sort of challenge is known as a combinatorial optimization problem, which is computationally expensive or even impossible using classical computers.

The potential of quantum computing to efficiently address these challenges makes it an ideal candidate for overcoming these obstacles. After identifying a compelling use case, Vinci Energies began exploring quantum computing’s capabilities compared with classical computing, envisioning future scalability across various areas and challenges within the company.

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Vinci Energies and QuantumBasel are tackling this problem using quantum company D-Wave’s quantum annealer to study how quantum-hybrid technology could effectively solve these optimization challenges.

“D-Wave, VINCI Energies and uptownBasel possess a common vision to accelerate digitalization for the betterment of industry and society,” said uptownBasel Infinity Corp. CEO Damir Bogdan.

“This collaboration reflects that shared focus on accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies – and specifically, practical quantum computing solutions – to usher in a new era of industrial construction.”

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