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IonQ to Provide Two Generations of Quantum Systems to QuantumBasel

Move will establish a European quantum data center for a wide range of verticals

John Potter

June 26, 2023

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Representatives of IonQ and QuantumBasel shake hands
IonQ and QuantumBasel are partnering on a European quantum data centerQuantumBasel

Quantum computing hardware and software company IonQ has announced a partnership with Swiss commercial quantum center QuantumBasel to establish a quantum data center in Europe.

IonQ expects to deliver two quantum systems to QuantumBasel’s Center of Competence for Quantum & AI, the first of which will be capable of 35 algorithmic qubits (#AQ 35), followed by a system capable of 64 algorithmic qubits (#AQ 64).  

"This is a historic deal for IonQ and the quantum industry," said IonQ CEO and president Peter Chapman.

"In QuantumBasel, we have found a partner who is aligned on the potential of quantum to solve the world's most complex challenges. At #AQ 35, we expect the first system we deliver to QuantumBasel to be on the verge of exceeding the capabilities of quantum simulators on classical computers.

“With #AQ 64, we believe even the best supercomputers will no longer be able to compete using full quantum simulation. We expect many applications to attain quantum advantage at this scale, ushering in a new era in computing. This is the system that organizations have been waiting for and we're glad to have QuantumBasel join us on this journey."

The functional computational space for executing quantum algorithms doubles for each additional algorithmic qubit. #AQ 35 can compute more than 34 billion possibilities simultaneously, while #AQ 64 can compute more than 18 quintillion.

As part of the agreement, QuantumBasel will provide direct access to its #AQ 35 system, followed by the #AQ 64 system, to the uptownBasel ecosystem, which comprises businesses, research centers, startups and universities.

IonQ and QuantumBasel anticipate that these systems will be used for wide-ranging applications, including logistics, finance, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and artificial intelligence.  

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