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Quantum Computing Summit London 2024: Editor’s Picks

The conference series returns to London as part of London Tech Week

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

June 4, 2024

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A panel at the AI Summit

Bringing together industry leaders and decision-makers, the Quantum Computing Summit returns on June 12-13, co-located with the AI Summit at Tobacco Dock, London.

The Quantum Computing Summit features keynote presentations, panel discussions, presentations and networking with quantum professionals. 

Here are Enter Quantum’s recommendations for sessions at the event.

Accelerating Quantum Computing Adoption: Enabling Industrial Use Case Exploration

A showcase of Digital Catapult's experience running the first Quantum Technology Access Program (QTAP) and how it enables industry use cases in optimization, machine learning and simulation.

The panelists is expected to explore the learning journey of QTAP participants, the results of running industrial use cases using Orca’s PT-1 quantum computer and estimating quantum computing resources with Riverlane’s Deltaflow Discover software.

It will also include the presentation of an energy grid optimization industrial use case.

Panel: Quantum Revolution: Hype or Reality?

A panel of speakers from E.ON, Unilever, Nestlé and Omdia discuss the near-term applications from long-term possibilities for quantum computing in energy, finance, materials science health care and more.

The panelists are to discuss how to identify the skills and training needed for businesses to leverage quantum technologies effectively and explore how enterprises can evaluate and prioritize investments in quantum computing for maximum impact.

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An Analysis Into How the Aerospace Industry Could be Utilizing Quantum Simulations

Panelists from the National Quantum Computing Center, Quantum Base Alpha and Unisys explore quantum use cases for the aerospace industry.  

These include optimizing aerodynamics, simulating complex fluid dynamics for spacecraft design and designing lightweight and durable materials for aerospace applications.

The panel will also discuss how quantum technologies can enhance navigation algorithms and systems, secure communication in satellite networks and evaluate challenges related to hardware maturity, algorithm development and the need for rigorous testing and validation

Fireside Chat: The Intersection of Quantum Computing and Cryptography

Standard Chartered Bank’s Yair Kler and Nestlé’s Jordi Mur-Petit join a free-flowing conversation highlighting the need for cryptography to evolve in response to emerging challenges.

The discussion will encompass the adoption of quantum-resistant cryptographic standards to secure communications against potential threats from quantum computers and the growing need for regulations and standards concerning the intersection of quantum computing and cryptography to ensure a secure digital environment

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On the search for quantum utility in the energy sector

E.ON chief quantum scientist Corey O’Meara delves into use cases with the potential to unlock quantum utility in the energy sector. The session will look at why hard problems are worthy use cases for quantum, how to assess the timeframe of quantum utility and the value of the current investment in quantum versus potential business benefits. 

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