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World Quantum Day 2024 – Industry Experts Mark Event

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Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

April 10, 2024

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World Quantum Day is an annual international event promoting public awareness and understanding of quantum science and technology. It takes place on April 14, because 4.14 represents the rounded first three digits of Planck’s constant, a fundamental value in quantum physics.

An international group of scientists initiated the day in 2021, with the first annual celebration taking place the following year. The US Senate passed a resolution commemorating and supporting World Quantum Day in 2023

With quantum computing and other technologies growing in public awareness and beginning to have significant use case impact, industry experts are throwing their weight behind this year’s celebration. Here is what some had to say.

Intel Labs director of quantum hardware Jim Clarke

At Intel, we are building on more than 50 years of experience in making transistors to deliver a quantum computer that ushers in a new era of computing. We expect quantum computers to enable finance, medicine, chemistry and climate change breakthroughs. Alongside building a full quantum solution with hardware and software, Intel aims to develop our future workforce.

To commemorate this day, we highlight our work on Tunnels Falls to provide academic institutions and national labs the opportunity to study spin qubit devices. These include Argonne National Lab, Sandia National Labs, Riken Japan, the University of Wisconsin Madison and the University of Rochester. These great places and many others will be the ones to develop the next generation of quantum experts. 

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Orca Computing co-founder and CEO Richard Murray

World Quantum Day for us is about broadening access and the understanding of quantum beyond the usual limited gene pool and giving an opportunity to people not already familiar with the field a chance to learn more and gain skills.

Therefore we are delighted to be spending the weekend with our collaborators and partners at the Poznan supercomputing and networking center in Poland for a quantum hackathon event. This will give 80 successful applicants the chance to find out more about quantum computing and work with PSNC’s two PT-1 systems along with the other sponsors, IDQuantique, Capgemini and IBM to develop and test new algorithms in the areas of health and security.

D-Wave CEO Alan Baratz

As we commemorate World Quantum Day this year, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Quantum computing has crossed the chasm from scientific experimentation to enterprise operational use, as our customers are now moving full steam ahead with adoption and deployment. We believe the resulting impact will be remarkable.

Classiq technical marketing manager Erik Garcell

The ability of World Quantum Day to raise public awareness of quantum computing is what makes it so essential. It highlights the importance of community in helping to demystify a technology that has the potential to revolutionize everything from cybersecurity to medicine and it highlights the ceaseless efforts put forth to make these innovations accessible.

IQM Quantum Computers co-CEO and co-founder Jan Goetz

World Quantum Day, for me, shows the importance of collaboration in quantum technologies. Just as particles in quantum physics can become entangled, effective teamwork can lead to the synchronization of ideas and efforts, resulting in exponential progress toward achieving a common goal.

The Futurum Group vice president and practice leader, emerging technologies, Bob Sutor

World Quantum Day is globally significant because more people must become aware of what will likely become the most important computing technology of the 21st century. Quantum promises to eventually provide new computation engines underneath our AI and chemistry breakthroughs in medicine, materials sciences and efficient energy production and storage.

The positive changes in our lives brought on by GPS will be magnified as we shift to far more accurate atomic clocks and quantum sensors. Better, faster and more accurate will be the best descriptors of our quantum future.

Zapata AI CEO and co-founder Christopher Savoie

Zapata AI signed the initial petition to get World Quantum Day going. It is existentially important that we develop quantum computing systems. They will be particularly powerful for areas like drug discovery and all kinds of AI.

We need young people to start to learn about quantum earlier, to be interested in it and not scared by it. World Quantum Day is very helpful in getting young people enthused and interested in the field because we certainly don't have enough people right now.

HorizonX CEO Steve Suarez

We stand at the dawn of a new era; being part of the quantum ecosystem right now is like the first sparks of electricity—thrilling and boundless in potential. Being part of this revolutionary journey is not just about technological breakthroughs; it's about crafting a legacy of innovation and opportunity for our children and theirs. Together, we're lighting a path to a brighter, more innovative world.

OpenOcean general partner Ekaterina Almasque

If we are to successfully commercialize quantum computing, we cannot neglect quantum software. Investment in the quantum ecosystem is focusing far too heavily on the hardware layer and not enough on building out the software and middleware to build full-stack solutions.

In our previous report, we encouraged organizations to start thinking strategically about how they will operate in the quantum era – understanding how quantum software can and will be integrated into their existing stack. Without that understanding and investment into software, this missing layer will continue to hold us back from broad quantum adoption.

Portuguese Quantum Institute president Yasser Omar

For anyone passionate about science and technology, World Quantum Day 2024 is more than a way to marvel at the fundamental building blocks of our world. This ‘bottom-up’, decentralized initiative celebrates and our global community. It’s about the researchers toiling away in laboratories or the engineers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; it’s about the teachers and pupils in every school in every country sharing their passion for quantum physics and spreading the joy of quantum.

Digital Catapult senior quantum technologist Daniel Goldsmith

I am looking forward to World Quantum Day when people around the world will be celebrating the many achievements of quantum scientists, and eagerly anticipating future scientific and technological advances.

The day is special to me because it is a truly international event, celebrated in more than 65 countries, highlighting that advances in quantum technology depend on international collaboration, as well as the inspiration and hard work of individual scientists and technologists.

In the days leading up to April 14, the quantum team at Digital Catapult will be reflecting on the success of our Quantum Technology Access Program (QTAP), which has demonstrated the potential of quantum technology.

The program raised awareness, educated end users and fostered industry partnerships to drive the future adoption and commercialization of quantum computing, by exploring industry-relevant quantum computing use cases.

On World Quantum Day we will plan how we might consolidate the impact of QTAP in the future and will be finalizing two scientific papers with new quantum computing algorithms found in QTAP.

E.U. Quantum Flagship QUCATS Coordinator Philippe Grangier

Quantum mechanics has numerous practical implications. From revolutionizing communications to advancing medicine and materials science, quantum technologies have already impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. As we commemorate World Quantum Day, we celebrate not only the achievements of the past but also the enormous possibilities of the future.

PQShield senior vice president Ben Packman

It’s exciting to see the advances being made in quantum computing every year and the potential this technology can have. However, World Quantum Day should also be a moment for us to consider how we will protect our data in the age of quantum computers. This World Quantum Day falls at a pivotal time, with the National Institute of Standards and Technology set to ratify its standards for post-quantum cryptography imminently. 

PQShield will be using World Quantum Day to continue bringing awareness to the need to modernize the technology supply chain and protect against the threat posed by quantum computers and “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks. This is a critical moment - organizations and businesses need to prepare themselves and begin to migrate systems to quantum-safe cryptography.

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