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Infleqtion Unveils 5-Year Quantum Computing Roadmap

Company's Sqorpius program behind drive toward commercial quantum advantage

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

February 13, 2024

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Infleqtion uses neutral-atom quantum technologyGetty

Quantum information company Infleqtion has released a five-year quantum computing program named Sqorpius that aims to deliver commercial-scale quantum solutions.

Sqorpius includes investments in hardware and software to deliver the error-corrected logical qubits needed for future commercial applications of quantum computing.

Infleqtion said it has already achieved milestones in gate fidelity, qubit array scaling and development of its quantum error-correction system toward this goal. It said it has developed the world's largest qubit array, comprising 1,600 qubits. These lay the groundwork for the company to target its goal of delivering fault-tolerant quantum computers within the next five years, paving the way for commercial advantage.

The company’s next step is to develop a fully error-corrected, commercially valuable quantum computer with 100 logical qubits. This computer will run Infleqtion’s quantum software platform Superstaq to unlock commercial opportunities in material science, energy and machine learning.

“2024 is an inflection point for quantum technologies, with an increasing number of near-term opportunities for public and private sector organizations to begin deploying high-value quantum solutions,” said Infleqtion CEO Scott Faris.

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“Our core neutral atom technology platform delivers unprecedented economies of scale by enabling us to serve these ready-now markets while providing the foundation for fault-tolerant quantum computers. Coupled with our manufacturing investments, our technology platform uniquely positions us to commercialize quantum at scale.”

Infleqtion was recently selected to develop and deliver a quantum computing testbed for the National Quantum Computing Centre in the United Kingdom.

It also leads the quantum element of Defense Cyber Marvel 3 (DCM3), Europe’s largest cyber defense exercise, providing access to quantum hardware through Superstaq. DCM3 aims to develop an understanding of how new technologies, including quantum, will impact networks.

Infleqtion has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Semiconductor Institute to create a quantum program focused on developing next-generation quantum technologies and products, including quantum applications for scaling AI.

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