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Australia Funds $3.6M Initiative to Fuel Quantum Tech Breakthroughs

Program aims to tackle industry challenges using resources from Australia's top academic institutions

John Potter

December 20, 2023

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The program intends to support the country's quantum tech industry. Getty

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is launching a $3.6 million program called Next Generation Quantum Graduates to support the country's quantum tech industry. The program will run from 2024 to 2029.

CSIRO is setting up the graduate program to tackle industry challenges using resources from Australia's top academic institutions. Its primary aim is to fuel cutting-edge research in the quantum field, a mission highlighted by the allocation of funding for 16 Ph.D. scholarships. The new scholarships are pivotal in supporting a broad spectrum of research endeavors, ranging from foundational studies in quantum internet technology to intricate investigations of biological processes at the subatomic level.

Each participating university in the graduate program is making unique contributions to the field of quantum technology:

  • Deakin University is focused on how quantum computers communicate. Its work includes developing the technological groundwork for a future quantum internet at the Cisco Quantum Lab.

  • The University of Queensland’s research aims to develop technology for observing biological processes at the subatomic level. It is collaborating with partners like Orica, Elemental Instruments and Q-CTRL.

  • Swinburne University of Technology is collaborating with Infleqtion to combine cold atom quantum technology with 3D printing. Theirgoal is to create a miniaturized, portable platform for advanced quantum technologies.

  • The Sydney Quantum Academy: The government is funding the academy to cultivate Australia's future quantum leaders. Its support comes from notable names like Diraq and Lockheed Martin.

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“This pipeline of homegrown talent will help accelerate our thriving local quantum technology industry, right here in Australia. This is a key time for quantum technology globally, and projects like these further demonstrate Australia’s leadership,” said CSIRO’s Data61 science director Aaron Quigley.

This news follows the government's call for proposals to set up a new Australian Centre for Quantum Growth, a major move in the 2023-24 federal budget. 

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