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Horizon Quantum Computing Establishes Multi-Vendor Testbed

Rigetti purchase establishes Horizon as the first quantum software company to own a quantum computer

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

April 29, 2024

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Horizon Quantum Computing

Quantum software development tool company Horizon Quantum Computing is establishing a testbed for integrating quantum computing hardware with its software stack, Triple Alpha.

The company intends to incorporate hardware from several manufacturers, with the first system based on Rigetti Computing’s Novera quantum processor. It will use a Quantum Machines OPX1000 processor-based quantum controller and is expected to be installed by early 2025.

Horizon intends to host multiple quantum computers from different manufacturers at its Singapore headquarters.

The company said it is acquiring its own hardware rather than accessing it via cloud services to gain full control over both hardware and software stacks to push the boundaries of the capabilities of quantum computers.

Using multiple vendors will enable Horizon to integrate its software stack with different hardware configurations and upgrade the system over time.

“Recent progress on quantum processors and error correction has underscored the rapid pace of progress in the field,” said Horizon Quantum Computing founder and CEO Joe Fitzsimons.

“We are taking the step of creating this testbed because we believe that tight integration between hardware and software is the shortest path to truly useful quantum computing. We are delighted to work with Rigetti Computing and Quantum Machines on our first system.”

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Rigetti Computing CEO Subodh Kulkarni explained that establishing high-performing on-premise quantum computing capabilities is key for working towards useful quantum computing.

“We can’t wait to witness what the Horizon team accomplishes with a quantum computing system powered by the Novera QPU and Quantum Machines’ control system,” Kulkarni said.

Quantum Machines co-founder and CEO Itamar Sivan added that the collaboration not only showcases the company’s processor-based OPX1000 controller in diverse setups but also marks a significant step in the collective journey toward useful quantum computers.

“We’re excited to partner with Horizon Quantum Computing and Rigetti Computing in this pioneering initiative. Our approach has always emphasized scalability, interoperability and modularity, principles that resonate with Horizon’s Triple Alpha,” Sivan said.

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