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EY Joins IBM Quantum Network

Use cases include reducing carbon emissions from classical computing and improving the safety and accuracy of self-driving cars

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

April 17, 2023

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An IBM System One quantum computer
Joining the IBM Quantum Network gives EY access to IBM's quantum computersIBM

International professional services enterprise EY has joined the IBM Quantum Network to explore how quantum computers can solve complex business challenges.

The move gives EY access to IBM’s quantum computers over the cloud so it can explore solutions to enterprise challenges for finance, oil and gas, health care and government verticals, among others. The company also becomes part of the IBM Quantum Network community of organizations that work together to advance quantum computing.

“Quantum, in terms of importance to business, society and the EY organization, is akin to what AI represented years ago,” said Andy Baldwin, EY client service global managing partner. “This alliance puts the EY organization at the forefront of technology. As we invest in this level of quantum computing access, we accelerate our own position and depth of knowledge and capabilities in this space and deepen the rich relationship with our IBM alliance teams.”

EY intends to use quantum computing to solve some specific use cases. These include reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from classical computing, improving the safety and accuracy of self-driving cars and supporting client organizations to integrate quantum computing to improve data processing and enterprise decision-making.

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EY is also investing $10 billion in technology initiatives over three years, including launching the organization’s own Global Quantum Lab last year.

“As we navigate this period of technology-led change, which is accelerating at unprecedented speed, companies must fully understand how to maximize breakthrough innovations to keep pace. Through this collaboration with IBM, the EY organization will now have the ability to take advantage of quantum computing to propel its innovation journey,” said Jeff Wong, EY’s global chief innovation officer.

IBM Quantum vice president Jay Gambetta added: “IBM’s vision is to deliver useful quantum computing to the world. We value partners like the EY organization that can introduce emerging technology to a wide ecosystem of public and private industries. This will help EY facilitate the exploration of quantum computing’s potential for use cases that matter in its industry.”

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