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EY Joins Responsible Quantum Computing Project

Team aims to ensure quantum computing benefits society responsibly

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

January 11, 2023

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The group aims to discuss how quantum computing may affect society and how to prepare accordingly. Getty

Professional services organization EY is collaborating with the University of Oxford’s Responsible Technology Institute (RTI) and the Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub (QCS) on a project that aims to ensure quantum research delivers benefits to society.

The Responsible Quantum Computing Communications (ResQCCom) project plans to engage with representatives from industry, policymakers and the general public to discuss how quantum computing may affect society and how to prepare accordingly. 

“Ethics, responsibility and trust are essential to innovation and technology adoption,” said EY U.K. digital ethics lead Mira Pijselman. “As organizations are increasingly interested in quantum computing capabilities and use cases, it is also necessary to consider how we can best align advances in this field with the promotion of human and planetary flourishing.” 

Quantum computing still has several hurdles to overcome before it becomes a commercialized technology. However, the collaborators believe this early stage in its development is the ideal time to ensure society benefits from responsible research into the technology.

This means applying the principles of good governance, transparency and other aspects of responsible development that govern the research environment to the commercial sector.

“The rate of progress in quantum computing has accelerated enormously in recent years, and the industrial sector is rapidly becoming more developed,” said project lead, RTI director Marina Jirotka. “As potential use cases become clearer, the importance of preparing for and anticipating its effects becomes more urgent.”

“The quantum computing community is very aware of the need to discuss the possible affordances of these technologies, and to open dialogue with many different groups in order to ensure a good ‘fit’ with societal requirements,” said Dominic O’Brien, director of the QCS Hub.

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