Leverage Windows IoT for the ARM Platform

Windows on ARM Architecture saves cost of both hardware and the operating system. Learn what other benefits it can bring to your applications and what other factors you should consider before investing your resources.

September 28, 2023

1 Min Read

Windows on Arm devices and ecosystems have gone from strength-to-strength, with major hardware and software players developing technologies to smooth the migration path for application developers. Compared to Windows in a traditional laptop, WoA promises superior battery life, always-online internet connectivity via 4G or 5G, super-fast boot times and chipset-level support for security features.

But what exactly is all the brouhaha about and should you hop on this bandwagon? Download this ebook developed by Advantech to learn more. Read about:

  • FAQs about Windows on Arm

  • Industrial Applications most suited for Windows on Arm

  • How is the user experience with Windows on Arm

  • Insights from Advantech Engineers

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