IoT Product Roundup: AWS, Flexxbotics, Globalstar and More

The latest products from the world of IoT

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

February 2, 2024

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The latest products from the world of IoT

From AWS’ work with Saic Motors to provide a connected, personalized vehicle platform to Flexxbotics’ expanded robotics platform, here are some of the latest products from the IoT industry.

Saic Motor Selects AWS as Strategic Cloud Provider 

Saic Motor, China’s largest automaker, has named AWS as its preferred cloud provider for its i-SMART connected vehicle platform. 

By running on AWS, the i-SMART connected vehicle platform allows drivers to monitor, interact with and upgrade in-vehicle features using their mobile phone. 

The automaker uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an object storage service to store massive amounts of vehicle data, and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), to extract additional value from vehicle data and “enhance the driving experience.” 

For example, this data is used to support personalized, remote features, such as remote door lock and unlock, as well as cabin preheating or cooling before drivers return to their vehicles. 

“AWS has deep experience in driving innovation in the automotive industry, with years of expertise in developing connected vehicles and data analysis platforms,” said Jie Xu, Saic Motor’s CTO. “AWS's global infrastructure, extensive cloud services, and industry-leading safety and compliance practices helped Saic Motor launch the i-SMART connected vehicle system in countries around the world.”

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Flexxbotics Provides Robot Compatibility with Nakamura-Tome Machine Tools

Flexxbotics has announced its robotics platform is now compatible with the full range of Nakamura-Tome machinery and equipment. 

Flexxbotics’ FlexxCORE technology enables robots to securely connect and communicate with Nakamura-Tome machinery in the smart factory to provide more powerful, flexible and open robot connectivity than previously possible. 

“We understand that the robots need to work seamlessly with the latest, new generation CNC machines, as well as existing machines that manufacturers have in place,” said Tyler Modelski, Flexxbotics’ CTO. “What we are doing with the Flexxbotics solution is delivering compatibility with over 1,000 different models of CNC machines and with the ability to add new machines and models rapidly.”

Flexxbotics’ SaaS/hybrid architecture also runs both online and offline so production continues with or without internet access, and Flexxbotics works with existing business systems such as CAD/CAM, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, MES, ERP, PLM and others for complete synchronization. 


Orbbec Releases Nvidia-Powered Persee N1 Camera-Computer Kit for 3D Vision 

Orbbec, a 3D vision systems developer, has released the Persee N1, an all-in-one stereo-vision 3D camera and purpose-built computer leveraging NVIDIA’s Jetson platform.  

Orbbec said its new kit delivers “highly accurate and reliable data” for in-door/semi-outdoor operation, with particular applications in health tech, dimensioning, interactive gaming, retail and robotics.

“The self-contained Persee N1 camera-computer makes it easy for computer vision developers to experiment with 3D vision,” said Amit Banerjee, Orbbec’s head of platform and partnerships. “This combination of our Gemini 2 RGB-D camera and the NVIDIA Jetson platform for edge AI and robotics allows AI development while at the same time enabling large-scale cloud-based commercial deployments.”


Globalstar Introduces GSatSolar to its IIoT Asset Tracking Portfolio

Globalstar has added a new low-cost tracking device, the GSatSolar, to its portfolio of IIoT asset tracking solutions. 

Created in collaboration with Global Satellite Engineering (GSE), the small, rugged, low-cost tracking device helps customers maximize the value of their tracking software tools by increasing the number of trackable assets in near-real time.

Globalstar said the satellite-powered device is ideal for remote IoT operations, providing more reliable usable data in the field and allowing for true remote IoT autonomous data collection.

“GSatSolar is a low-cost option to monitor assets remotely on the Globalstar LEO network and delivers a plethora of verified IoT data across IoT applications,” said Jake Rembert, vice president of sales at Globalstar. “The GSatSolar is a versatile solution that expands our satellite tracking capabilities. As with all our IoT asset tracking solutions, it features low power, long life and is equipped to perform.”

Data collection capabilities include location, accelerometer, and Bluetooth sensor options, with the option of having data forwarded either to Globalstar’s SPOT My Globalstar data management and mapping platform — with features such as live and historical tracking on demand, alerts, geofences and shared views—or directly to a VAR’s back office or customer endpoint.


B4T, Heliot To Deploy Sigfox-Connected Water Meters

Heliot Europe has partnered with B4T to provide its Jellyfish smart water meters with Sigfox-0G network connectivity.

The Jellyfish range was designed to allow utilities and consumers to track and manage water consumption.

Under the partnership, Heliot will provide Sigfox’s low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology, which overcomes underground connectivity challenges posed by traditional 4G, 5G and WiFi connectivity options. 

“Our sensors can collect water usage in real-time,” said Alex Barter, B4T’s managing director.  “Data can then be transmitted and transformed using machine learning to provide unprecedented insights – all of which can be used to support leak detection and prevention, and offer predictive maintenance, among other things.”

“B4T’s Jellyfish smart water meter provides a prime example of how IoT, powered by Sigfox connectivity, is able to transform an industry,” said Gareth Mitchell, Heliot Europe’s UK partner manager. “The U.K. has over 260,000 miles of water mains – many ancient – and so we continue to look forward to working together with B4T as they scale their operations and provide their technology to water companies and consumers.”


Thinaer Unveils IIoT Solution to Fill Data Blind Spots

Thinaer, a manufacturing digital twin developer, has launched its IIoT asset tracking and digital twin SaaS solution, designed to fill manufacturing data blind spots and deliver IIoT-centric digital transformation for both commercial and classified areas.   

“Through a strategically designed sensor, infrastructure and cloud agnostic platform, Thinaer tracks the previously untrackable,” according to a company statement. “By filling digital blind spots, Thinaer enables commercial and classified area manufacturers with continuous and contextualized visibility of their operations, providing a complete data picture to drive strategic decisions and build next-generation AI datasets.”

Thinaer uses IIoT asset tracking and digital twin to address a major pain point in manufacturing by providing solutions for real-time asset location tracking, environmental condition monitoring, and machine usage and utilization. 

The platform integrates with nearly any off-the-shelf sensor, can leverage network access points as infrastructure, and hosts multiple cloud options, providing organizations with the flexibility needed to deploy solutions that fit their specific needs. 

Reelables Launches First Printable 5G Shipping Label 

Reelables has launched its new 5G Smart Labels, which it says is the only printable 5G label solution in the world.

The design was developed for logistics providers, cargo forwarders and retailers to track shipments as they move through the supply chain. 

In what Reelables said is an industry first, the label itself functions as the tracking device connected to a cellular network. 

“Reelables has achieved the ability to mass manufacture the smart label so thin and flexible that it can be printed in volume from off-the-shelf barcode printers, finally allowing precise piece level tracking of billions of shipments,” according to the company.

Reelables labels automatically collect location data from the cellular network data and generate inventory counts, providing a complete warehouse audit roughly every minute. 

“This is a major breakthrough when it comes to supply chain visibility and automation,” said Brian Krejcarek, Reelables’ CEO. “Achieving mass production and pervasive deployment of these thin film wireless smart labels will change how businesses track items, reduce theft and loss, and demonstrate accountability to their customers.”


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