IoT Product Roundup: Nvidia, AWS, AT&T and More

The latest products from the world of IoT

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

December 1, 2023

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The latest products from the world of IoT

From Nvidia’s graphics processing units enabling faster robot development times, to AWS’ TwinMaker being used to create an AI assistant for smart manufacturing, here are some of the latest products from the Internet of Things.

Nvidia GPUs Coming to AWS, Driving Smarter Robots

Nvidia Isaac Sim and Nvidia L40S graphics processing units (GPUs) are coming to Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing developers to “build and deploy accelerated robotics applications” in the cloud. 

Nvidia said its L40S GPU is built to power the next generation of data center workloads, delivering up to a 3.8x performance leap for Omniverse compared with the previous generation, boosting engineering and robotics capabilities.

L40S GPUs can be used for generative AI workloads, from fine-tuning large language models to real-time inferencing for text-to-image and chat applications.

Under the GPU’s expanded applications, the companies said roboticists will be able to more easily access preconfigured virtual machines, simulating robotics’ design and accelerating the development process.

“Simulation technology plays a critical role in how we develop, test and deploy our robots,” said Brian Basile, head of virtual systems at Amazon Robotics. “At Amazon Robotics we continue to increase the scale and complexity of our simulations. With the new AWS L40S offering we will push the boundaries of simulation, rendering and model training even further.”

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AT&T, Sony Semiconductor Launch First Large-Scale Commercial iSIM Deployment 

AT&T and Sony Semiconductor Israel are launching the first commercially viable large-scale iSIM solution, in collaboration with G+D Mobile Security and PassTime.

The new iSIM was designed to meet a challenge identified by PassTime, an IT solutions manufacturer for the automotive industry. 

PassTime said it wanted to develop an energy-efficient, next-generation compact GPS locator, with greater power and space requirements than that seen in a classic SIM card or eSIM. 

G+D, AT&T and Sony collaborated to design the new PassTime Encore locator, using Sony's Altair ALT1250 chipset, G+D Mobile Security's SIM operating system, and AT&T's cellular network. 

In the short term, the companies said the iSIM will be used primarily for secure IoT connectivity in applications on LTE-M or LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), for example in the energy industry and in healthcare. Consumer devices, such as notebooks, are expected at a later phase.

“PassTime’s asset tracking solution, Encore, is battery-powered and designed to track just about any mobile asset,” said Todd Goodnight, PassTime’s executive vice president. “The device’s small form factor and ultra-low energy consumption are critical factors to the application as it is often called upon to be in the field for four years or more on the initial battery charge. The iSIM solution allows us to further enhance our solutions’ efficiency in these vital areas.”


AWS IoT TwinMaker Creates AI Assistant for Smart Manufacturing 

AWS has demonstrated how to use its IoT TwinMaker and Amazon Bedrock services to create an AI assistant for smart manufacturing capabilities.

The new service can help users find insights within manufacturing data, a typically challenging process as much of the data is unstructured and requires a lot of time and energy to analyze.

Using AWS’ IoT TwinMaker and IoT SiteWise, the company said users can securely store and access operational data like sensor readings, documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and enterprise data. The TwinMaker then allows users to model complex systems and create Digital Twins of physical systems – working to streamline the data collection and analysis process.

Amazon Bedrock can also be used to develop and manage generative AI applications, which Amazon said can make data more accessible and approachable to end users. 

“You can now use natural language to ask AI complex questions, such as identifying an SOP to fix a production issue, or getting suggestions for potential root causes for issues based on observed production alarms,” the company said. “Amazon Bedrock, a managed service designed for building and scaling Generative AI applications, makes it easy for builders to develop and manage Generative AI applications.”


Flexxbotics Robot Now Compatible With Mazak Advanced Tech Solutions

Flexxbotics, a company digitizing robot-driven manufacturing, has announced its robot-machine connectivity platform is now compatible with the full range of Mazak CNC machines and automation equipment.
Flexxbotics’ FlexxCORE technology connects robots to Mazak equipment, allowing the devices to communicate and creating a smart factory that the company said provides more “powerful, flexible and open robot connectivity than previously available.”

“We understand that the robots need to work with the latest AI-enabled CNC machines, as well as the older machines that manufacturers already have in place,” said Tyler Modelski, Flexxbotics’ chief technology officer. “That’s why we deliver compatibility with over 1,000 different models of CNC machines and have the ability to add new models rapidly.”

"With Flexxbotics the robots do more than simply monitor CNC machines, the robots control and command the machines for closed-loop quality and continuous operations,” said Tyler Bouchard, Flexxbotics’ CEO. “We view the advancement of robot-driven manufacturing in the smart factory as a game-changer.”


Sateliot, t42 Unveil Satellite-Based 5G IoT Maritime Tracking Solution 

Sateliot, a 5G IoT satellite producer, and t42, an IoT tracking device developer for maritime containers, have collaborated to create a new maritime tracking solution.

Under the partnership, t42 will deploy thousands of 5G-IoT sensors in containers for its logistics partners across 50 countries, connecting them to Sateliot's satellites and providing coverage even in the middle of the ocean. 

The partners said the project could save shipping companies $51 billion annually, with significant losses currently being seen from cargo theft, tampering and damages.

“Our collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the industry's history, transforming traditional shipping containers into intelligent, connected assets,” said Jaume Sanpera, Sateliot’s CEO. “Tracking in open seas, until now, a very luxurious satellite service will be democratized to all.” 

“It is unbelievable what a small hardware investment can represent for the industry's performance overall,” said Avi Hartmann, t42’s CEO. “This change has come to stay; there’s no doubt about it.” 


Harmonize Launches ML-Powered Employee Lifecycle Management Platform 

Harmonize, an employee lifecycle management platform producer, has launched a new service for small- and medium-sized businesses in the IT industry.

Harmonize’s platform uses AI and ML models to “plug the gaps” in identity management, automating the access request process and generating “contextual insights” for IT and security admins.

“Our team has built a Harmonize-like application in some form or another at every company we’ve ever been with,” said Johnny Kinder, Harmonize’s CEO. “Many of the tools currently available cater to large-scale organizations, so SMBs have had to make due with using disparate tools to piece together their IGA process. Harmonize gives these mid-level organizations the power to shore up their identity management.”

The Harmonize platform uses ML models to determine the right amount of access that should be applied to individual employees. It also offers a single platform to track, grant or revoke access as employees onboard, change roles or offboard entirely. 


Mitsubishi Electric Showcases Automation Tech at Vision 2023

Mitsubishi Electric Automation will be showcasing several of its automation technologies at ACTE’s CareerTech Vision 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

The company said it will be demonstrating several of its automation products and solutions, including an interactive robot game and a CNC machine-tending robot cell, which will be making custom dog tags for attendees. 

The technologies come under the company’s Workforce Development Program, Diamondworks!, which was established to “empower attendees seeking STEM learning in manufacturing.”

“Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Diamondworks! program is built for the educator,” said Tom Majewski, workforce development specialist at Mitsubishi. “We offer tailored educational equipment, curriculum, and instructor training classes to make the integration of Mitsubishi Electric technology into a school’s programs. 

“With everything happening in the automotive industry related to lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles, if ever there were a time to educate schools about Mitsubishi Electric Automation, that time is now.” 


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