AI to Take Center Stage at CES 2024

A preview of interesting AI keynotes and sessions to catch

Deborah Yao, Editor, AI Business

January 2, 2024

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The CES central hall in 2023 crowded with visitors
The CES central hall in 2023. Consumer Technology Association

AI is expected to take center stage for the first time at CES, the largest consumer technology show in the world, taking place in Las Vegas from Jan. 9 to 12.

From sessions on the intersection of AI and entertainment to how AI will reinvent marketing and how space stations can enhance emerging tech like AI, this year's CES dives into a wide variety of AI-related topics. However, notably absent are any speakers from OpenAI, while Meta, Microsoft and Google sent middle-management speakers. Microsoft used to send its CEOs to do keynote speeches. Meanwhile, Apple has famously skipped CES for years even though it is a consumer tech event.

If you are going to CES, here are some of the more interesting AI sessions worth considering:

Jan. 9

Keynote: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will discuss the critical roles that silicon and software play in making AI more accessible, providing powerful compute and enabling modern economies.

Bold Visions: What’s Next for AI?

The future is here, powered by AI. But what’s real and what’s next? How will AI reshape industries, societies and ourselves?

Beyond the Hype: Exploring Strategic AI Investments

Explore AI’s impact on investing and areas for AI investments. We will discuss valuations, AI use cases, and AI startup differentiators.

Harnessing AI Innovation While Governing Risk

Deloitte will highlight the approach organizations can take.

AI & Robotics in Agriculture

How can robotics and AI change how we plant, harvest and manage crops? We explore the AI revolution in the world of agriculture.

AI is the 5th Industrial Revolution

Data transforms how brands operate, scale and improve efficiencies for higher profit, higher output and higher customer satisfaction.

The Creators Who Are Leaning Into AI

User or creator? As AI ushers in new avenues for artistic expression, the once-clear distinctions between creators and consumers are now blurred. Does the involvement of AI compromise the authenticity of a piece of art? A debate on the true essence of creativity and whether AI assistance diminishes or enhances it.

Brands Get Personal With AI

AI offers new consumer insights to CPG providers and the ability to create personal experiences that literally speak to their customers.

The AI-Driven Retail & Restaurant Experience

Retailers have adapted to an on-demand digital existence. Leveraging AI will take retail to the next level. Medicine Without Borders: Global Health Driven by AI

How AI-powered digital health technologies can help provide health care globally by overcoming language and medical terminology barriers.

Jan. 10


Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon will highlight how we will interact with our devices in the AI age.

Omnicom: Working Together Towards More Inclusive AI

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder is AI? Marketers discuss eliminating bias in AI-driven experiences.

The Hard Part of AI: Hardware and Chips

As generative AI breaks into the mainstream, take a look under the hood at the hardware and practical building blocks powering this technology.

How AI is Transforming Food

From Chef Watson to ChatGPT, we will look at how AI is changing the food industry.

AI: Technological Tipping Point

AI is on a course to change everything. Join for a discussion on what marketers are not thinking about when it comes to AI … but should be.

Creation and AI - What Will Humans Do?

How will the advent of AI impact the creative process and the content business as we know it? What is the future of IP ownership?

Gen AI and the Future of Health Care

Generative AI has the potential to transform health care. This panel analyzes how Gen AI will change care and how we can cut barriers to widescale adoption.

AI and the Democratization of Games Design

AI is creating a faster, lower-cost way for game developers to realize their vision. Developers will discuss how AI is changing the creative process and fostering new opportunities.

GenAI – Lab to Real World

The art and science of GenAI! Solve real-world problems using smaller, targeted and customized models and learn how to overcome security and TCO challenges.

AI Revolutionizes Sports & Entertainment at the Olympic Games

See AI's transformative impact on the Paris 2024 Games from athlete training and performance to smart venue and spectator experience to global broadcast innovation.

Unlock Ultimate Customer Experience With AI

Elevate CX at every touchpoint with AI: Frictionless POS, the perfect fit, seamless orders, personalized recommendations and loyalty await.

How Will AI Impact the Jobs of the Future? Presented by IEEE

Explore the jobs we will see created over the next 20 years, industry’s role in driving innovation and the skills our future workforce will need.

Jan. 11

CMO Insights: AI and Digital Inclusion

As AI rapidly develops, leading marketers discuss how it can be used as a tool to enhance inclusion.

AI Shaping IoT Network & Device Security

AI will help ensure the security of IoT networks and devices. Discover how AI-driven solutions are being used to safeguard IoT ecosystems, from detecting vulnerabilities to defending against new threats.

Bringing the Limitless Potential of AI Everywhere

Come see how enterprises are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to unlock the power of AI from cloud to edge, to client, and play with a multimodal GenAI demo.

Accelerating Developers' Experience in the Age of AI with Siemens and Microsoft

Explore how the newly launched Siemens Xcelerator Developer Portal leverages inner source and industry standards to enhance the developer experience, streamline workflows and guide you with the generative AI companion, created in collaboration with Microsoft.

Green AI: Getting Smarter, Doing Better

AI has the power to transform the way we live for a more sustainable future. Welcome to the Green AI frontier.

AI 2024

Countries are competing on AI technology, investment and R&D. Are they competing on AI regulatory policy? What does a winner look like?

AI-Powered Fintech – Everyone Wins!

Find out how AI is being used for everything from consumer-facing transactions to lending, wealth management and the trading floor.

How Space Stations Accelerate Emerging Tech and AI

Space stations are incubators in low Earth orbit for emerging tech and AI. Learn from the game-changers how stations can transform industry.

Our Newest Cyber Threat is AI and AI is Our Biggest Defense

AI can be an added layer of cyber armor, but it also represents a new generation of threats to protect against. How do we harness this new tech for improved cybersecurity?

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