This Week’s Most Read: Tesla in Autopilot Hits Truck, Deep Sea Robot Locates Sub Wreckage

Plus, coming 5G deadline could mean flight delays; Lockheed Martin test robot airplane manufacturing and more

Liz Hughes, Editor, IoT World Today

June 30, 2023

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Here are the most read stories in IoT World Today this week:

Telsa in Autopilot Hits Truck on Pennsylvania Highway

Police say a Tesla had Autopilot engaged when its 18-year-old driver crashed into the back of a truck on a Pennsylvania highway last week.

According to the June 23 police report, the driver of the 2016 Tesla was traveling in the middle lane of I-76 east when it crashed into the back of a truck that was stopped providing traffic control for a road work lane closure. The Tesla lost control and struck the back of the vehicle.

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Deep Sea Robot Locates Sub Wreckage, Recovers Possible Remains

Nearly a week after officials announced OceanGate Expeditions’ submersible, the Titan, suffered a “catastrophic implosion” after finding a piece of the vessel near the bow of the Titanic, the wreckage has been found and recovered from the ocean floor. 

The Odysseus 6K, a remote-operated vehicle from Massachusetts-based Pelagic Research Services, made the discovery and helped in the recovery effort. The remote-operated underwater robot helped in the initial search for the Titan and continued to map and document the area as it searched for debris. 

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As 5G Deadline Looms, Officials Warn of Summer Flight Delays

U.S. airlines are faced with potential disruptions during the summer travel peak, as the deadline of July 1 looms for planes to update equipment to avoid 5G interference.

On July 1, wireless network providers including AT&T and Verizon plan to increase their 5G network capacity to higher power levels. These new levels will likely impact airplanes’ altimeters, which provide information on a plane’s height above the ground and are crucial for landing during poor visibility and bad weather. 

After this deadline, aircraft without updated equipment will not be cleared to land during low visibility.

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‘Spiderman’ Robot Window Washers Coming to Hong Kong High-Rises

Israeli start-up Verobotics has been selected to provide its pipeline of autonomous, wall-scaling robots to clean the exteriors of Hong Kong skyscrapers, in a new deal.

“Our AI-powered robots designed for exterior wall cleaning, inspection, and maintenance are ready to rise to the challenge posed by Hong Kong's unique high-rise buildings,” the company said in a LinkedIn post.

Under the deal, Hong Kong-based robotics company Robocore will act as the official local distributor of Verobotics’ technology. The robots are anticipated to be rolled out later this year.

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Lockheed Martin, Xaba Test AI-Enabled Robots for Airplane Manufacturing

Lockheed Martin and Xaba have announced the completion of a collaboration that tested AI-driven robots for airframe manufacturing.

The project combined Lockheed Martin’s pipeline of industrial robots with Xaba’s AI neural network model xCognition.

According to Xaba, xCognition acts as a “synthetic brain” in that it can make any industrial robot autonomous, giving the robotic system a greater awareness of its surroundings and allowing it to generate and complete its own tasks.

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