Fleet Operations Get Boost From Autofleet Nova Language Model

Autofleet’s Nova model is designed to provide businesses a unified view of their fleet operations

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

May 27, 2024

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Autofleet has developed a large language model to help fleet operators manage their vehicles using natural language.

The model, named Nova, is among the first large language models designed specifically for managing fleet operations.

Autofleet showcased the model at the ACT Expo this week in Las Vegas.

Nova can provide operators with insights into anomalies. Using a company’s own data, the model can suggest potential servicing tasks, like blocking certain vehicles from being used in specific locations or markets.

The model is integrated into a unified platform where users can type their queries in natural language and obtain insights into their fleet operations.

"Nova will transform how fleet businesses operate by democratizing access to data and by providing non-technical business and operational stakeholders with the tools to make data-driven decisions,” said Kobi Eisenberg, Autofleet’s CEO and co-founder. 

Autofleet developed Nova to provide fleet operators with insights from disparate data sources that previously required complex analysis by a team of analysts.

The model was trained on data specific to fleet management, including supply data including vehicle telematics and demand data like trips, reservations and orders.

Nova uses a company’s fleet data and sifts through it to provide operators with actionable insights on current operations. Staff can then use the insights generated by Nova to make improvements to fleet operations in real time.

Nova also comes with plugins to allow users to connect it to their databases from vendors including Oracle, Snowflake and MongoDB.

A data segregation feature was also added allowing businesses to set roles and permissions to ensure the right staff has access to Nova and the data it’s using.

“Nova’s ability to integrate data from any source and generate new contextual insights bridges the gap between different roles within the business and empowers fleet operators to make smarter, more informed decisions and take immediate actions,” Eisenberg said.

Nova will be available later this year.

Founded in 2018, Autofleet is an Israeli company developing a vehicle-as-a-service platform that allows companies to manage and view their fleets. Its AI-powered software provides insights into current operations that can be used to help plan future deployments.

Autofleet’s software has been deployed by car rental companies, delivery firms and public transport operators in more than 20 countries.

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