Drones Get Practical for Business

Market for commercial drones poised for exponential growth

John Yellig

April 7, 2023

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As drone technology has evolved from the experimental to the practical, unmanned aerial vehicles are being put to work, performing jobs that once belonged to humans. The adoption of drones for commercial use is alleviating the need for people to perform tasks that range from the mundane, like security patrols, to the dangerous, like high-rise window washing.

One field that has not seen widespread drone applications yet is the one that would demonstrate to the general public just how useful these aircraft can be: home delivery. Despite years under development and millions of dollars invested, retail giants like Walmart and Amazon have so far made only limited progress in drone deliveries, as the complexities of operating UAVs in populated areas have proven stubbornly difficult to overcome.

Nevertheless, the menu of use cases for drones has expanded exponentially, and so has the size of the industry’s market. Estimates vary widely, but all of them put the economic potential for commercial drones in the billions of dollars. From startups to more experienced manufacturers, the industry is awash with players hoping to seize their piece of the pie.

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