Digital Twins, AI Ecosystems, Flying Vehicles: CES 2024 Trends

Several companies with AI innovations were mentioned, including Siemens,, Amira Health, Abbott, HealthPlus AI and WI Robotics

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT

January 8, 2024

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Using light to transmit data, new digital twins, AI ecosystems, advanced robotics and flying vehicles all were highlighted at the Annual Trends to Watch opening CES presentation Sunday.

Technology at CES this year will be a balancing act on technology for both consumers and enterprises, said Brian Comiskey, director of thematic processing at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) who co-presented with Jessica Boothe, CTA director of research.

Several companies with AI innovations at CES were mentioned, including Siemens,, Amira Health, Abbott, HealthPlus AI and WI Robotics.

Another key theme of CES is mobility, as in movement including automotive.

“We’re the largest mobility show in the world,” said Comiskey.

At CES, mobility involves roads (Mercedes is represented), water (Brunswick is showing new electric motors) and the air (Hyundai’s Supernal is introducing a new flying vehicle).

Smart homes also were on the future agenda, featuring the TV as an intelligent hub, e-commerce platform and smart home center.

AI also is moving beyond generative AI into an evolving ecosystem along with new chips and sensors.

“While generative AI can be tools like chat GPT, which rightfully has been the subject of intense excitement, the AI ecosystem is a much larger expanse from chips all the way to robots,” said Comiskey. “You're going to see the chip makers and AI hardware companies like Intel and Qualcomm involved. They really make the brains for AI that powers a lot of innovation.”

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“We're going to start seeing more of the AI in the home and CTA has been researching consumer awareness and perceptions of AI for over five years,” said Boothe. “Our most recent study found that close to nine in 10 U.S. adults are familiar with AI. However, there are still many gaps with U.S. consumers. While consumers are generally positive about AI, we do still see some concerns, concerns such as privacy, disinformation and job loss.”

Electric vehicles were also highlighted in the trends presentation. 

“We found that consumers are really looking at having a peace of mind when they're purchasing an electric vehicle,” said Boothe. “What this means is they're really looking to overcome that battery and driving range anxiety and have that peace of mind when they're purchasing, so a consumer can be thinking about their daily driving needs. 

“Consumers are also thinking about the safety features. There's a lot of safety features in these new electric vehicles and that really makes them feel good. It makes them feel good because they're thinking about how they're going to be protecting their family. And really protecting those around them. 

“Next is environmental stewardship. Knowing that a consumer won't have to buy gasoline more makes him feel like a good citizen. It makes them feel environmentally responsible. And finally cost. Thinking about a car as a major investment. The consumer wants to know that the cost will pay out for them and the longevity of the car.”

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