Bosch Launches System on a Chip for Automotive at CES 2024

New computers with a powerful processor, known as a system on chip (SoC), have been created

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT

January 8, 2024

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Bosch's new vehicle computer platform on a chip

A new vehicle computer platform on a chip aimed at processing driver assistance functions and infotainment functions simultaneously was introduced at CES today by Bosch.

New computers with a powerful processor, known as a system on chip (SoC), have been created. 

Simultaneous functions that could be handled by the system on a chip include automated parking and lane detection, paired with smart, personalized navigation and voice assistance.

“Central vehicle computers are the heart of software-defined cars,” said Markus Heyn, member of the board of management at Robert Bosch GmbH and chairman of Bosch Mobility. “In the future, they will control all the domains in modern vehicles and reduce the currently high number of individual control units.” 

The idea is that rather than numerous electronic control units managing different functions in the car now, in the future a few central vehicle computers would unite multiple system functions from previously separate domains. 

“We want to reduce the complexity of the electronics systems in cars and make them as secure as possible at the same time,” said Heyn “With this demonstration of our new vehicle computer platform at CES, we are taking an important step in exactly this direction. Our goal in the medium term is to bring even more automated driving functions to the road, including to the compact and midsized car segments.” 

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Bosch’s system-on-a-chip approach is called the cockpit and ADAS integration platform.

This approach for automakers provides the potential for less space and cabling required, resulting in lower costs. 

Bosch is pursuing a multi-SoC approach, with the company’s new vehicle computers designed so SoCs can come from different manufacturers. As a result, Bosch could use the SoC that is requested.

“Our software runs on chips from different chip manufacturers. This allows software and hardware to be decoupled from each other,” said Heyn. 

Bosch is one of the few companies that can develop a centralized electronic architecture from start to finish and has mastered the interplay of automotive electronics, software and the cloud. 

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