Bosch, Daimler Partner With Here on Driving Assistance Tech, CES 2024

The system is designed to optimize vehicle fuel usage and battery consumption, automatically identifying the most efficient method of driving

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

January 11, 2024

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The system is designed to optimize vehicle fuel usage and battery consumption

Here Technologies, a location data company, announced a new collaboration with Bosch and Daimler Truck’s German branch to develop an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for commercial vehicles.

The partnership, announced at CES, coincides with Here’s launch of a new Advanced Traffic Patterns technology, using sensors, telematics systems and mobile devices to calculate accurate traffic information. 

Under the Bosch, Daimler partnership, the companies are developing ADAS technology to automatically determine the most energy- and emissions-efficient driving style, helping vehicles move toward a more sustainable future. 

The companies will integrate Daimler Truck’s Predictive Powertrain Control – a cruise control system for commercial vehicles – with Here’s ADAS Map and Bosch’s Electronic Horizon software.

Combined, these tools can create a system that takes road conditions and terrain into account, including topography, curvature, slope, intersections, traffic signs, speed limits and driving rules. 

By incorporating all this information into one place, the system helps drivers navigate the road more seamlessly, minimizing unnecessary braking, accelerating and gear shifting to optimize fuel and battery consumption. 

“The Here ADAS Map links the precise position of a truck on the road to define an Electronic horizon for which the driving style is then automatically adapted to,” Here said in a statement. “The Here ADAS Map delivers the vehicle system information to plan and time gear shifts in advance as well as to predictively adjust the speed of the vehicle.”

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According to Here, the system can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%, while for electric vehicles it can significantly improve the range. “Together with our partners Daimler Truck and Here, Bosch attaches a great importance on the quality and the reliability of the Electronic horizon”, said Dirk Paetzold, Bosch’s head of commercial vehicles. “The system was intensively tested, before its market launch, and will always be kept up to date in the future,

“Bosch continues to develop the Electronic horizon being available for ten years. In the future, the function will check whether the information stored on the map corresponds to the actual conditions on the road.”

Advanced Traffic Patterns Service

The Traffic Patterns capability, also announced at CES 2024, is similarly intended to provide greater sustainability and ease of mobility for drivers on the road.

Specifically, Here said the service meets a “skyrocketing” demand for accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) information.

The system leverages “trillions” of data points from onboard sensors, telematics systems and mobile devices to calculate accurate traffic information customized for commercial vehicles, incorporating variables such as time, day and vehicle type. 

"At Here, we understand the critical need for precise ETAs in today's logistics landscape,” said Christopher Handley, Here’s vice president of dynamic spatial content. “We’re excited to introduce Here Advanced Traffic Patterns…this innovation not only enhances planning capabilities but also transforms the efficiency and sustainability of supply chain operations,

“We're proud to set a new standard in improving delivery accuracy for logistics companies globally."

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