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AWS Rolls Out Platform to Improve Vehicle PerformanceAWS Rolls Out Platform to Improve Vehicle Performance

The IoT FleetWise platform is designed to make it easier for companies to analyze vehicle data and improve fleet performance

Scarlett Evans

October 3, 2022

2 Min Read
Image shows Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise platform
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the commercial launch of its IoT FleetWise platform. Aimed at automakers, suppliers and fleet operators, the platform was designed to offer a way to standard vehicle data, and improve fleet performance in the process.

With the creation of increasingly advanced and connected cars, integrated with a variety of sensors and capable of creating vast quantities of data, finding a way to collect, standardize and analyze this data in a single place has become a novel demand. 

IoT Fleetwise hopes to answer this demand, offering a system to collect vehicle data and transfer it into the cloud for analysis in real time – creating insights across different vehicle and sensor types.

This process allows car manufacturers and fleet operators more in-depth insight into vehicle performance, catching potential issues quickly and improving overall quality and safety more rapidly than previously possible. 

While companies have been able to monitor basic safety functions of fleets for more than a decade, collecting and analyzing even basic data points required custom-built data collection systems. The time and cost-intensive nature of this method have previously proven a hindrance in catching fleet-wide issues – something AWS’ platform hopes to address. 

“Automotive companies want to…manage the vast amounts of data coming from connected vehicles,” said Mike Tzamaloukas, AWS general manager of IoT automotive. “[But] they have lacked a solution that made it easier to collect, transform, and transfer data to the cloud. Now, with AWS IoT FleetWise, customers can easily pinpoint the exact vehicle data they need and analyze it in a standardized format to gain actionable insights into the vehicle’s health status and performance.”

The new FleetWise service comes as part of AWS for Automotive, an array of solutions for the automotive industry to help with connected mobility, engineering and manufacturing.

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