Transforming the Internet of Expensive Things to the Internet of Everyday Things

Wiliot’s minuscule sensors can be fastened to retail goods to monitor everything from temperature, to fill level, location and more

Callum Cyrus

January 27, 2022

1 Min Read
The Wiliot Starter Kit

Wiliot unveiled a starter kit at the National Retail Federation (NRF) annual meeting that has everything a retailer needs for inventory management to consumption monitoring and even product traceability.  

The Wiliot starter kit lets retailers test the waters with retail tracking software-as-a-service. It contains the company’s postage stamp-sized IoT Pixels that are self-powered computers that can be fastened to retail goods to monitor temperature, fill level, location and other physical or environmental data.

The kits also contain small Bluetooth bridge devices that power and read the IoT Pixel tags. The bridges also collect sensor readings and relay them to the cloud, via gateways including smartphones and a mobile app.

The mountable IoT sensors can be used across product categories, adding intelligence to plastic crates, pharmaceutical packaging and clothing.

The starter kit marks another milestone in the democratization of the Internet of Things by bringing the vision to a wider ecosystem of retailers, partners and brands, said Wiliot’s chief business officer Tony Small.

“That vision, which is now a reality, is to transform the Internet of expensive Things to the Internet of everyday Things by adding intelligence and connectivity to everything from packaging to containers and clothing for just pennies,” Small said.

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