Spanish Port Launches Connected Vehicle Project to Improve Traffic Flow

Kapsch TrafficCom implements roadside units to gather and share real-time traffic at the busy Spanish port

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

July 5, 2024

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Merchant vessel in stowage operations at Bilbao harbor
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Spain's Port of Bilbao has launched a smart vehicle connectivity program aimed at enhancing traffic flow and safety within its facilities.

The Spanish port has brought in Kapsch TrafficCom to work on the project, installing three Roadside Units (RSUs) to communicate data on road conditions between vehicles and infrastructure.

Bilbao's port handles cargo and ferry services that connect it to England, France and Ireland.

In 2023, the port reported a 26.5% increase in the number of passengers passing through and a 0.1% increase in overall traffic in 2022.

The new connected vehicle project is aimed at enhancing the port's traffic management, ensuring safety for drivers.

Kapsch TrafficCom’s RSUs, positioned strategically around the port, will gather information on traffic and weather conditions. The data will help drivers and traffic authorities plan their routes, informing them of possible congestion and road obstacles. Drivers themselves can also submit information to the system.

The collected information will also be fed into the Connected Mobility Control Center, part of the nearby A8 highway project.

The port’s connected vehicle system is expected to go online later this month.

“By providing drivers with accurate and timely information, the Port of Bilbao will increase awareness of traffic conditions and improve overall traffic safety,” said Javier Aguirre, Kapsch TrafficCom’s managing director for Spain and Portugal. “For an economic hub, it is exceedingly important to ensure a steady flow of traffic to avoid congestion and stalled delivery of goods.”

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Kapsch TrafficCom has been involved in several connected vehicle projects in Spain. The company manages traffic information and control systems in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, a three-hour drive from the Port of Bilbao.

Outside of Spain, Kapsch TrafficCom has worked on a similar project in the Canadian city of Montreal, using its technology to improve road safety and provide real-time traffic insights to drivers.
It has also previously worked on connected vehicle environments in Ohio, gathering data for traffic management.

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