Partnership Taps AIoT for Intelligent Wi-Fi Sensing

Origin Wireless and’s product will use Wi-Fi radio waves as intelligent sensors in smart home devices

Callum Cyrus

January 17, 2022

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Origin Wireless and have introduced a new AIoT platform that uses Wi-Fi access points to bring sensing capabilities to the smallest of smart devices, allowing them to differentiate among humans, pets, robot vacuums, pets and appliances. 

Origin’s Wi-Fi sensing software uses AI to track Wi-Fi radio waves. As the waves encounter people, walls and objects, they set off sensors in the software enabling the edge-hosted platform to detect important events, for instance when a person falls over and any effect on their breathing rate. launched last year to bring privacy-compliant AIoT to connected devices. The company says its machine learning algorithms eschew privacy risks that undermine smart home products. The algorithms encompass firmware, cloud services, application interfaces and user interfaces.

The partnership was first announced last month but it didn’t have a product name until now. It aims to offer companies and brands a unified solution to deploy Wi-Fi sensing in new products, combining intelligent AI algorithms, software and hardware.

By fusing each of the privacy AIoT and Wi-Fi sensing technologies, customers are expected to be able to reduce usage of line-of-sight technologies like computer vision which risk jeopardizing user privacy.

“With the now initiative, we have built a middleware platform guaranteeing privacy from back-end to front-end,” said’s CEO Jean-Eudes Leroy.

The turnkey service is expected to reduce lead times for IoT providers as well as internet service providers and tech companies across vertical industries like property, insurance, health care and energy.

In terms of end applications, the platform will be tailored to connected security, building automation, energy efficiency and healthcare. now AIoT will be marketed to both business-to-business and consumer use cases.

Enterprises can hear more about the technology at a virtual seminar hosted by the Now partnership on February 16th and 17th.

The session will be open to questions from attendees and will include a live demo of the Wi-Fi sensing systems and presentation decks.

Leroy said: “We are excited to contribute to elevate an industry from the Internet of Things to the Intelligence of Things.”

“”Non-line-of-sight monitoring technology allows us to fully respect people’s privacy, while bringing unprecedented levels of granularity in digital sensing.”

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