NIST program manager leading IoT initiatives discusses how the agency is working to increase guidance and advance standards to manage risk and protect IoT devices.

November 25, 2020

1 Min Read

By Sean Suzuki

The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced new challenges for organizations implementing IoT into their devices. It is crucial now more than ever for manufacturers to manage the risks that come with IoT for their device to support customers’ needs for security. Manufacturers need guidance when installing IoT device capabilities in their product development process, before delivering them to the market.

Tune into our IoT Security Summit to hear Katerina Megas, program manager for the NIST cybersecurity for IoT program speak on the important cybersecurity capabilities as the starting point or IoT devices, and how NIST as agency within the Department of Commerce are working to advance standards and technology to enhance economic security.

Megas will cover the following:

  • The growing need to pass IoT security laws with the federal government and identifying IoT security as an area of focus.

  • How to overcome fragmentation as global countries focus on IoT cybersecurity – engaging with international standards to prevent the fragmentation challenge.

  • Creating a roadmap to lay out a plan in the US, relying on private industry and government partnerships and actions.

  • Critical areas of cybersecurity framework, such as confidentiality and integrity of data, privacy of an individual, and incident protection and data, which are all affected by IoT devices.

Megas and other leaders in IoT Security will speak at IoT Security Summit. Join us and register here.


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