Stroke-Intervention Robotic Platform Receives $1M Grant

Brainomix and Nanoflex Robotics partner to create an AI-assisted robotic system for remote stroke intervention

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

October 16, 2023

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Brainomix and Nanoflex Robotics are developing a robotic platform to allow remote treatments for stroke patients. 

The project is being funded by a grant under the U.K. – Switzerland Bilateral: Collaborative R&D program, with the partners receiving just under $500,000 each.

Under the program, set to begin in 2024, the partners will create an AI-assisted magnetic navigation system for robotic surgical tools, leveraging Brainomix's AI-enabled diagnostic imaging capabilities and Nanoflex Robotics' precise magnetic navigation technology.

The resulting system will provide navigation assistance for implements used during a thrombectomy – a surgery to remove a blood clot from inside an artery or vein –  which is crucial in treating strokes. 

By allowing this procedure to be performed remotely, the system aims to provide more rapid intervention, and reduce the time between a stroke occurring and the patient receiving treatment. 

"The project aims to leverage the power of AI to enhance Nanoflex Robotics' cutting-edge magnetic robotic navigation system,” said George Harston, Brainomix’s chief medical officer. “[It will] be the first system worldwide to enable remote thrombectomy, thus transforming stroke treatment options and helping improve outcomes for patients."

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"Time is critical when it comes to treating stroke patients,” said Christophe Chautems, Nanoflex Robotics’ CTO. “Every delay in removing a blood clot reduces the chance of post-stroke functional independence. By enabling increased and earlier access to mechanical thrombectomies through our remote robotics platform, we hope to give more people a greater chance to live independent lives after stroke.”

Brainomix has several AI-powered software solutions for stroke treatment and prevention. One solution is the Brainomix 360 stroke platform, which provides clinicians with a comprehensive stroke imaging solution, driving faster treatment times and improving functional independence for patients.

The company’s e-Stroke platform also leverages AI methods to interpret acute stroke brain scans.

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