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Robot Security Guards on Duty in TokyoRobot Security Guards on Duty in Tokyo

The autonomous robots are intended to meet staffing shortages in security

Scarlett Evans

August 30, 2022

1 Min Read

A new robotics security team has reported for duty at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The three autonomous patrol robots can sense and navigate around people and obstacles on their routes, and are fitted with spinning 360-degree security cameras that feed back to a remote security team and help the robots to make a 3D map of their surroundings. 

Provided by Tokyo robotics manufacturer Seqsense, the security team uses the company’s SQ-2 models. An AI system enables autonomous navigation, while the robots feature a hand sensor so civilians can contact the remote security team for help or for general inquiries.

The robots are also programmed to seek out charging ports when their battery runs low and continue filming while charging.

The initiative was introduced to help combat labor shortages and cut costs on security measures. The robots are not, however, intended to fill in for the role of human security guards, but rather to fill gaps in continuous surveillance 

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