Raddog is designed as an assistive tool for law enforcement officers, offering mobility, surveillance and patrolling functions

Scarlett Evans, Assistant Editor, IoT World Today

March 27, 2024

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Raddog in action
Raddog in actionRAD

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), has begun early production of 100 units of its AI-powered robot dog, Raddog, designed for law enforcement and security applications.

The robot dog was deployed in the Taylor Police Department in Michigan this March, in what the company said was a “historic moment” for deploying technology within law enforcement.

With the expanded production, RAD said it plans to expand to additional police forces nationwide.

Equipped with advanced mobility, surveillance capabilities and patrolling functions, Raddog is designed as an assistive tool for police departments, standing in for human officers in potentially dangerous situations and enabling more holistic insight into incidents. 

Raddog also recently made its media debut, with an appearance on the TV drama CSI: Vegas, a move the company celebrated as showcasing Raddog’s capabilities to the public. 

“We’ve been working towards getting Raddog on a crime show, and this is the ideal format to showcase just how cool and functional Raddog is,” said Steve Reinharz, RAD’s CEO. “And we’re not done, audiences can expect to see more RAD security and safety solutions in the near future.”

Raddog expects the second generation of its LE models, intended for law enforcement and security purposes, to hit commercialization between September and October this year.

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Raddog will continuously gather data on its efficacy and operation to inform future upgrades and ensure ongoing innovation.

Reinharz highlighted the lucrative potential of its robot dog’s increased uptake, saying the City of Taylor's subscription agreement for Raddog represents “just the beginning of the revenue potential.”

“The street value of the 100 Raddog LE Gen2 units could deliver the company possible revenue of $3.5 million in annual recurring revenue,” said Reinharz. “Even more importantly, [it could] give the Company the leadership position as the foremost solution in this space, a space that we believe will be large and essential.”

“We believe that one day every law enforcement officer will have a robotic canine companion of increasing intelligence and capability,” said Troy McCanna, RAD’s senior vice president of revenue operations. “With the increasing challenges of being a law enforcement officer, we are certain that autonomous mobile devices will be an absolutely essential part of modern law enforcement in the very near future. We want RAD to lead the way.”

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