Portable Robot for Reconnaissance, Bomb Disposal Fits in a Backpack

Teledyne FLIR Defense’s robot weighs as much as a watermelon and can be deployed to dispose of bombs and gather intel

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

June 23, 2024

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Teledyne FLIR's new recon, bomb disposal robot

Teledyne FLIR Defense has unveiled a new modular robot small enough to fit into a backpack that can be rolled out to conduct reconnaissance and dispose of bombs.

The SUGV 325, weighing as little as 20 pounds — about the same as a watermelon — is specifically designed for urban environments.

The tiny robot can navigate stairs and rough terrain, controlled by human operators using an Android tablet. Despite its small size, the robot can lift its own weight.

It’s fitted with an array of sensors, including long-wave infrared and stitched 360-degree cameras, giving operators a detailed view of the robot’s surroundings during deployment.

Soldiers in conflicts could deploy the bot to gather intel on buildings they’re searching or to examine and dispose of possible improvised explosive devices.

The robot also has two-way audio communication, enabling soldiers to relay messages to other combatants.

“Our new SUGV 325 delivers enhanced portability and technology that make a wide range of operations easier for warfighters,” said Tung Ng, Teledyne FLIR Defense’s vice president of unmanned systems for North America. “With its superior mobility and situational awareness, this multi-mission robot gives users a highly mobile system to keep them from harm’s way when interrogating threats.”

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Junior Editor - AI Business

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