Humanoid Robots With Realistic Facial Expressions Revealed

China’s Ex-Robots factory is working on expressive humanoid robots for possible deployment in health care and education

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor - AI Business

June 20, 2024

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Robotics engineers in China are working on creating humanoid robots with more realistic facial expressions.

The Ex-Robots factory in the northeastern city of Dalian recently showcased robots wearing silicone masks that are capable of showing lifelike emotions.

Ex-Robots is focused on developing AI that can identify and communicate emotions through facial expressions.

The robots, featured at Ex-Robots' EX Future Science and Technology Museum, are designed to imitate human movements, using AI to apply appropriate facial expressions when responding to user queries.

The humanoid bots can mimic human actions performed in front of them, such as sticking out tongues and smiling. 

"We have our own software and algorithm teams," said Li Boyang’s Ex-Robot’s chief executive. "There are many basic models and algorithms that are commonly open source, which everyone uses. However, we concentrate more on how to enable the AI to recognize and express expressions and emotions."

Ex-Robots are selling the humanoid robots for prices ranging between $207,000 to $275,000, according to Reuters.

It takes between two weeks to a month to produce the humanoid robots, with factory workers building them by hand. 

The Chinese company behind the bots is looking beyond museum attractions, with aspirations to see them in industries like health care.

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"Psychological counseling and health are certainly future application scenarios. We are currently conducting research such as auxiliary treatment and preliminary screening for emotional and psychological disorders," said Li. “We also think that every person may have a humanoid robot in the future at home.”

Ex-Robots displayed one of its humanoid robots acting as a counselor for children, providing words of encouragement and affirmation.

The company opened its robot museum in 2021, providing immersive experiences displaying future applications of AI and robotics. It also includes a bionic robot manufacturing center and a “bionic experimental module,” among other technological settings visitors can experience.

Away from humanoid robots, Ex-Robots has also developed a six-armed robotic backpack, though it’s largely for show purposes.

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