Fuji Debuts Autonomous Mobile Robot at NRF 2024

The robot takes on the task of transporting goods across a warehouse or shop floor

January 19, 2024

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The Rally-F AMR

Fuji exhibited its latest autonomous mobile robot (AMR), the Rally F-type, at NRF 2024 this week in New York. 

Designed to assist warehouse workers by taking on some of the more labor-intensive tasks, the AMR demonstrated its handling capabilities at the show, moving cage carts used to transport goods from point A to B. 

As well as warehouses and fulfillment centers, Fuji said the robot can carry products in retail stores, from back rooms to shop floors.

Fuji said the robot was developed to meet a growing need for automation as labor shortages worsen across the world.

“In the retail sector, although automation has come quite far in distribution centers, similar progress has yet to be made in retail stores due to the high hurdle of initial investment cost,” a company statement said. “Retailers want automation solutions for their stores that allow them to use their existing cage carts without any modifications,

“Rally frees associates from the hard work of transporting heavy cages over long distances during the night and early morning shifts so that stores can be ready for opening time and associates are able to focus on more value-added tasks such as displays and customer interaction.”

Rally was developed to be used with existing infrastructure so businesses can automate store logistics operations without needing to change the shop floor environment. 

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