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Doosan Robotics to Open US Headquarters for Cobot PipelineDoosan Robotics to Open US Headquarters for Cobot Pipeline

The expansion plan is intended to boost the company’s presence in the American market

Scarlett Evans

June 20, 2022

1 Min Read

Doosan Robotics, a South Korean manufacturer of collaborative robots, or cobots, has announced a new U.S. business unit, Doosan Robotics Americas with headquarters in Plano, Texas which will combine the company’s North and South America operations.

The expansion plan is intended to boost the group’s presence in the American market and accelerate uptake of its manufacturing assistant bots in the area, with a particular focus on the automotive and manufacturing sectors. 

Alex Lee, Doosan Robotics’ North and South America’s new general manager said the U.S. is the group’s single largest market, adding that the company is preparing “for several exciting new developments in our product offerings.”

Lee joins the company from STXI Motion, a global engineering firm that develops motion control systems.

Doosan Robotics’ main product line features a programmable, customizable arm that can be integrated into existing manufacturing supply chains and includes a six-axis torque sensor, allowing it to be used for a variety of complex tasks. The company also boasts a camera robot system, dubbed NINA for New Inspiration New Angle and an autonomous barista robot that can brew coffee from a selection of 15 types of bean.

Doosan’s current clients include Hyundai, Shell, Samsung and Johnson & Johnson, and says its bots have potential use cases in a number of industries including warehouse and logistics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, health care, construction and packaging. 


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