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Swedish Commercial Quantum Device Enters Market in National First

ConScience developed its 4-qubit QiB0 for research and quantum measurement

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

February 1, 2024

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ConScience's 4-qubit QiB0 device
ConScience's 4-qubit QiB0 device can be used to demonstrate simple quantum processes. ConScience

Cleanroom specialist ConScience has launched the first quantum device designed and manufactured in Sweden, Qubit-in-a-box (QiB0).

The 4-qubit QiB0 device can be used to demonstrate simple quantum processes such as decoherence and dephasing and to calibrate and verify the performance of quantum computing test setups.

It is intended for use by research groups and companies to verify quantum measurement and by universities to educate the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers.

ConScience used its cleanroom production experience to spend the last few years developing methods for producing quantum computing devices for clients with a focus on qubit quality and reproducible characteristics.

The company now has a pipeline of more complex quantum devices that it expects to launch during 2024 and onwards. It also provides custom quantum processor foundry services for a growing number of clients.

“Quantum device manufacturing is very complex, and we have been pushing ourselves and spent a large amount of time in the cleanroom to achieve the stringent requirements in terms of performance variations. Today our hard work pays off, and we can now launch our own functional Qubit device to the market” said ConScience CEO Joachim Fritzsche.

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