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February 23, 2024

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An engineer works with a stepladder on constructing data center racks
Racks under construction at the Bellevue sustainable data center. Exaion/EDF Group

Exaion, a subsidiary of French multinational utility company EDF Group, has inaugurated a sustainable, decentralized data center in Quebec, designed specifically for quantum hybrid operations.

The Bellevue data center, based in Sherbrooke, is believed to be a world-first in terms of its environmentally responsible approach. It is located in the Humano District rental condo project to which it will provide heating and domestic hot water.


Bellevue uses a 99% renewable energy supply made possible by the integration of innovative cooling technologies combining air and immersion methods, and the re-use of waste heat. These methods allow for the recovery of 100% of the heat emitted by the servers to provide heating and hot water to the entire real estate complex.

The technology housed at Bellevue includes high-performance computing infrastructure run by PINQ², the Quebec digital and quantum innovation platform, dedicated to the collaboration between academia and industry.

It also accommodates several companies' digital innovation projects, the first quantum computer installed by Quandela in North America and Numana's first quantum key distribution test bench for cryptography development in Canada.

The data center aims to meet the needs of local businesses working in blockchain, AI, digital twins, quantum and digital simulation.

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Bellevue also serves as a model for data security and benefits from multiple levels of protection. Its physical security includes a perimeter defense system, anti-intrusion security solutions, video surveillance and reinforced authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

“We are very proud to inaugurate this data center in Sherbrooke, a project that marks a turning point in the industry thanks to its eco-responsible and decentralized approach,” said Exaion CEO and co-founder Fatih Balyeli.

“This project perfectly embodies Exaion's vision: to combine technological innovation and environmental compliance to meet the digital challenges of tomorrow. With Bellevue, we demonstrate our ability to go beyond current standards, offering cutting-edge solutions for the most advanced use cases.”

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