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Shipping Company Taps Quantum Computing to Optimize Operations

Pasqal partners with CMA CGM Group to establish a Quantum Center of Excellence for maritime transport and logistics

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

July 10, 2024

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Sea, land and air transport and logistics company CMA CGM Group has announced plans to introduce quantum computing into its operations in collaboration with Pasqal.

CMA CGM aims to use quantum computing to improve the efficiency of its transport and logistics operations and their responsiveness and adaptability to market fluctuations. An initial use case seeks to optimize container management, including loading them onto ships in the most efficient way possible.

The two French companies also intend to establish a quantum computing center of excellence at CMA CGM’s Tangram training and innovation center in Marseille with access to a Pasqal neutral-atom quantum computer.

Pasqal plans to make its e-learning platform available to CMA CGM staff members to improve their understanding of quantum computing. The companies plan to jointly organize quantum computing use case workshops, technical presentations and master classes at Tangram and invite collaboration with partners, clients and suppliers.

“This partnership with Pasqal will allow CMA CGM to apply quantum computing technologies to maritime transport and logistics, reinforcing our Group's position as a leader in the digital transformation of our industry,” said CMA CGM executive vice president for information  and technology Hadi Zablit.

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“With Pasqal, we aim to unlock the full potential of quantum computing for greater operational efficiency, serving our customers.”

This initiative is part of the CMA CGM’s strategy to transform its activities through innovation. The partnership with Pasqal intends to enable CMA CGM to strengthen its position at the forefront of digitalization in the transport and logistics sector.

“All of Pasqal's priorities are reflected in this partnership with CMA CGM: developing concrete use cases with leading industrial players, accelerating the understanding of the potential of quantum computing and continuing cutting-edge research to serve the quantum ecosystem,” said Pasqal CEO Georges-Olivier Reymond.

“Everyone at Pasqal is eager to start collaborating with the teams of this historic French company.”

CMA CGM has also announced an investment in Pasqal. It has previously invested in other technology companies and AI initiatives including Kyutai and Mistral AI.

The company serves more than 400 ports on five continents with a fleet of more than 620 vessels and is the third-largest provider of container shipping services in the world in terms of capacity.

Logistics optimization is one of the use cases showing promise for today's noisy, intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computers. D-Wave worked with software company Savant X on Hyper Optimization Nodal Efficiency (HONE) to help optimize operations at the Port of Los Angeles to increase the capacity and speed of cargo movement.

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Murray Thom, D-Wave Systems vice president of quantum business innovation, discussed this project as part of Enter Quantum's round table event.

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