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Quantum Computing Edges Closer to Production Line

IonQ opens dedicated manufacturing facility and second data center in Washington

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

February 19, 2024

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The IonQ facilityribbon-cutting ceremony.
Senator Maria Cantwell took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. IonQ

Quantum computing hardware and software company IonQ has opened what it claims is the first dedicated quantum computing manufacturing facility in the U.S. at Bothwell, Washington.

IonQ will build its Forte Enterprise and Tempo systems, quantum computers that are designed to be installed in data centers, at the new site and will relocate its expanding manufacturing and R&D team there. According to the company, this will be the first factory in the U.S. that will manufacture quantum computers that are replicable and deployable in customers’ data centers.

The facility will also house IonQ’s second quantum data center, providing cloud access to IonQ customers. The company is also expanding its existing Seattle facilities, increasing its footprint from 65,000 square feet to an impressive 105,000 square feet. 

“The Seattle facility represents a tangible realization of IonQ’s commitment to commercializing quantum and getting quantum computers into the hands of customers,” said IonQ CEO Peter Chapman.

“IonQ is not just building a manufacturing facility; we’re also investing in the surrounding community drawing talent and thought leaders to Seattle and empowering organizations within the community with innovative quantum capabilities.”

During IonQ’s ribbon-cutting ceremony today, Senator Maria Cantwell, the lead Senate negotiator of the CHIPS and Science Act in 2022, praised the company for its commitment to quantum innovation.

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“Quantum computing has the potential to be a game changer -- it can help us create new drugs and fight disease, turbocharge clean energy alternatives, and improve food production,” Sen. Cantwell said. “Quantum computing is blossoming in our region thanks to an ideal ecosystem of world-class universities, businesses, laboratories, and talented workers.”

IonQ’s quantum systems are available as on-premises solutions or via any of the three major cloud quantum providers – Amazon Braket, Microsoft Azur and Google Cloud – as well as through direct API access.

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