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Quantum Computing Companies – The Ultimate Directory

Enter Quantum’s guide to the movers, shakers and quantum computer makers

John Potter

August 11, 2023

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The quantum ecosystem is growing exponentially. What started as a handful of university spinouts and research-based startups has become an international industry that includes some of the biggest tech companies. With commercial computing just over the horizon, there will likely be some jostling for position as new players enter the market and others leave.

Enter Quantum brings you the ultimate quantum computing directory. It uses the latest data from sister research company Omdia's Quantum Computing Market Tracker cross-referenced with Enter Quantum’s news coverage to ensure all the included organizations have recently been active in relevant fields.

They are organized by the region and country of their head office and then subdivided into business types – hardware, software or consultancy – though many businesses deliver a range of quantum services, alone or via partnerships. Each is accompanied by a short bio based on their own websites.



Hardware Firms 

Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbH

Alpine Quantum Technologies uses scalable trapped-ion technology and is working on general-purpose quantum information processors that will support a broad range of applications in various industries.

Software Firms


ParityQC recently introduced a new method to build scalable and fully programmable quantum computers to solve optimization problems. The company also develops blueprints (instruction set and chip layout) for quantum computers.

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Hardware Firms 

Nokia Bell Labs 

Nokia Bell Labs recently announced it had developed a new type of topological qubit that is more resistant to noise than previous designs. The company also develops quantum software tools. 

IQM Quantum Computers 

IQM delivers on-premises quantum computers for research laboratories and supercomputing centers. The company recently partnered with AI software company Beyond Limits to develop hybrid algorithms.

Software Firms


Algorithmiq facilitates the development of new drugs tailored to individual patients. The company aims to reduce the time to market of new drugs and reduce any harmful effects. 


Hardware Firms

Alice & Bob 

Alice & Bob construct universal, error-free quantum computers. These systems operate using self-correcting quantum bits, which facilitate fault-tolerant quantum computing capable of executing any quantum algorithm. 


Pasqal builds Programmable Quantum Simulators and Quantum Computers made of 2D and 3D Atomic Arrays. It uses neutral atoms to realize quantum superposition and entanglement. 


eleQtron develops and operates quantum computers based on trapped ions, RF control and Magnetic Gradient Induced Coupling (MAGIC). The company optimizes intermediate-scale quantum processors for near-term industrially relevant quantum applications.


Quandela provides photonic quantum computers that are modular, scalable, energy-efficient and accessible both on the cloud and on-premise. The company develops both software and hardware solutions for a variety of quantum applications.

QUDORA Technologies 

Qudora aims to build a commercial quantum computer with 50+ quantum bits using trapped ion qubits. Aside from developing quantum processors, the company also offers foundry services in microfabrication. 

Software Firms


Atos has developed Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), a quantum simulator that can simulate up to 41 qubits. It includes a programming platform that allows users to develop quantum algorithms.

Consulting Firms


Capgemini is engaged in several initiatives, including research and development projects, to understand how quantum technologies can be leveraged to solve complex computational problems. They are also working to educate businesses about quantum computing.


Hardware Firms

Infineon Technologies 

Infineon produces crypto-controllers that can withstand the attacks of future quantum computers aimed at the encryption algorithms used. The company is actively researching post-quantum cryptography.


Consulting Firms 


Reply is working with clients to develop quantum-based applications for areas such as finance, healthcare, and logistics. The company provides consulting and training services to help businesses get started with quantum computing.


Hardware Firms 

QuiX Quantum 

QuiX Quantum is developing photonic quantum computers that can be scaled to hundreds of qubits and are designed to solve large-scale optimization and machine-learning problems.


QuantWare is using 3D chip architecture to develop superconducting quantum processors designed to be scalable. The company also offers a foundry service that allows other companies to fabricate their own superconducting quantum chips.

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is developing quantum-safe cryptography algorithms and hardware components for quantum computers. They also develop hardware components for quantum computers, such as control electronics and photon detectors.

Consulting Firms

KPMG (Quantum Technology Hub)

KPMG and quantum software firm Classiq are partnering to streamline clients' exploration of quantum computing use cases across industries like finance, automotive, pharma, energy, telecoms, and logistics.


Hardware Firms 

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech 

Qilimanjaro produces coherent analog quantum annealers that can be used to solve optimization problems in logistics, finance, and energy. They aim to scale the technology to hundreds of qubits.

Software Firms

Multiverse Computing 

Multiverse Computing provides software for companies from the financial industry wanting to gain an edge with quantum computing. Its fields of expertise include portfolio optimization problems, risk analysis, and market simulation. 


Software Firms

Terra Quantum

Terra Quantum produces quantum computing software, hardware, and quantum-safe cryptography solutions. They offer a quantum computing software platform that allows researchers and developers to experiment with quantum computing.

Consulting Firms


QMWare offers a hybrid quantum-classical computing platform that allows businesses to use quantum computing resources. Its Quantum as a Service (QaaS) offering allows businesses to connect to different quantum computing providers. 


Hardware Firms 

Quantum Motion Technologies 

Quantum Motion develops silicon-based quantum computing architectures compatible with standard silicon processing. It also produces quantum computing software that allows users to program and run quantum algorithms on their silicon-based quantum processors.

ORCA Computing 

ORCA Computing produces full-stack photonic quantum computers that are scalable and error-corrected, It also develops quantum-inspired algorithms for solving optimization problems. 

Oxford Ionics 

Oxford Ionics develops quantum sensors (for temperature, magnetic field, and electric field) and quantum-enabled devices (quantum gates and quantum memories) that can be used to measure and control quantum systems 

Oxford Quantum Circuits 

OQC recently launched the UK’s first Quantum Computing as-a-Service (QCaaS) and is developing quantum algorithms for solving real-world problems in chemistry and materials science.  


Aegiq develops quantum computers based on trapped ion technology and offers access to these computers through the cloud. 

Software Firms


Phasecraft is a quantum algorithms company that builds mathematical foundations for quantum computing applications that solve real-world problems.


QuantrolOx develops quantum-safe communication solutions that are based on quantum key distribution (QKD). QKD systems that are used to generate and exchange secure keys between two parties.

Consulting Firms


Deloitte recently launched the Quantum Readiness Toolkit, actionable guidance to inspire a safe transition to quantum computing.  The company is also researching the potential applications of quantum computing for businesses. 


EY recently joined the IBM Quantum Network, further enabling EY teams to explore quantum solutions with IBM. The company is working with clients to identify potential applications for quantum computing.



Hardware Firms 


Xanadu creates photonic quantum computing hardware using integrated photonics technology. Businesses can use quantum computers through the Xanadu Quantum Cloud (XQC) service and Strawberry Fields application library. 

D-Wave Systems Inc 

D-Wave Systems is the world's first commercial supplier of quantum computers. The company develops both annealing quantum computers and gate-model quantum computers.

Software Firms


1QBit builds industry applications on its hardware-agnostic platform to produce the best available results.


Agnostiq develops software tools and applications that aim to make quantum and high-performance computing resources more accessible to enterprises and developers.

OTI Lumionics 

OTI produces advanced materials for future electronics, including OLED displays, utilizing quantum simulations, AI, and pilot testing. These materials will be integrated into next-generation consumer electronics and automobiles.

United States

Hardware Firms 


Intel Quantum SDK is a full quantum computing stack in simulation that offers a customizable development environment for a broad range of developers. It recently began producing a 12-qubit chip.

Atom Computing 

Atom Computing builds scalable, gate-based quantum computers with atomic arrays of optically-trapped neutral atoms to enable research. Phoenix, its first-generation platform, harnesses the power of 100 qubits.


Infleqtion has built a multi-platform quantum technology company that employs quantum sensors using edge computing. This ensures the integrity of quantum data, network, software, and computing, from local devices to the main computer.

QuEra Computing Inc.

QuEra Computing is a maker of advanced neutral-atoms-based quantum computers. Its signature 256-qubit machine, Aquila, is available now for general use over the Amazon Braket cloud.


PsiQuantum aims to build a large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computer by using a photonics-based architecture that enables manufacturing in a conventional silicon chip foundry.

Amazon Quantum Technologies 

AWS operates Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service that helps researchers and developers get started with the technology to accelerate research and discovery.  

Google Quantum AI 

Google Quantum AI offers a Quantum Virtual Machine, developed to simulate the experience of programming one of the quantum computers in its lab, including circuit validation and processor fidelity. 

IBM Quantum 

IBM Quantum offers cloud access to the most advanced quantum computers available. The company also provides a comprehensive suite of quantum-related services and tools.

Quantum Circuits, Inc. 

QCI is developing a full-stack quantum computing platform using superconducting devices and a modular, robust, and scalable architecture. Its mission is to build the first truly useful quantum computer.

Rigetti Computing 

Rigetti Computing produces quantum integrated circuits used for quantum computers. The company also develops a cloud platform called Forest that enables programmers to write quantum algorithms.


SEEQC offers a computing platform that combines classical and quantum technologies. The hybrid platform seeks to address efficiency, stability and cost issues common to quantum computing systems.

Microsoft Azure Quantum  

Microsoft Azure Quantum is a cloud software solution with an open ecosystem. The platform offers 

users a diverse set of quantum solutions and technologies.


IonQ develops scalable quantum computers by leveraging trapped ion technology.  The company offers two different commercially available quantum computers. It also offers access to a software-configurable quantum computer. 


Quantinuum recently released its second-generation quantum computer, the System Model H2 with an advanced ion trap. The company came about by merging Honeywell with Cambridge Quantum.

Keysight Technologies 

Keysight’s Quantum Control System (QCS) combines dedicated quantum control hardware and full-stack software capabilities. QCS captures and processes microwave, baseband, and digital signals to manage and interpret the information from qubits.

Software Firms 


NVIDIA offers several products and services designed to help developers to accelerate quantum computing research and development. They are also designed to make quantum computing more accessible to businesses and researchers.

QC Ware Corp.

QC Ware offers a cloud-based quantum computing platform that allows users to run quantum algorithms on real quantum computers. The company also develops and optimizes quantum algorithms for a variety of applications.

Quantum Computing, Inc. 

QCi is a full-stack quantum software and hardware company. It offers a software platform for users to develop, simulate, and deploy quantum algorithms along with a quantum computing hardware platform based on superconducting qubits. 


Strangeworks is currently making quantum computing accessible by building and delivering tools for software developers and researchers, and systems management for IT Administrators and CIOs. is a quantum software startup that allows any software to run on any quantum computer. The technology is built to foster interoperability.

Zapata Computing, Inc 

Zapata Computing develops AI software for enterprises, using quantum techniques optimized for operation on today's classical computers.

Consulting Firms

Aspen Quantum Consulting 

Aspen assists companies in comprehending and implementing quantum computing technologies within their operations, offering services including consulting, strategy formulation, and technology assessment in the realm of quantum computing.


Dell offers the Dell Quantum Computing Solution with IonQ, a hybrid classical/quantum platform that leverages Dell PowerEdge servers with Qiskit Dell Runtime, and IonQ Aria quantum processing units (QPUs). 

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company researches the potential applications of quantum computing for businesses. The company also invests in quantum computing startups and provides consulting services related to quantum computing.

Moody's Analytics

Moody’s Analytics is developing quantum algorithms for risk management, portfolio optimization, and fraud detection. The company launched the Moody's Analytics Quantum Computing Team last year.

Next Generation Quantum Corp

Next Generation is designing a system to link several quantum computers through devices called Interconnects. The idea is to link multiple quantum computers in one network to one million times the computation acceleration.


SavantX applies machine learning and quantum computing to large and complex datasets to find hidden relationships, solve optimization problems, and improve organizational performance.



Hardware Firms 

Quantum Brilliance 

Quantum Brilliance is an Australian-German quantum computing hardware company that provides diamond quantum accelerators supported by a full stack of software and application tools. 

Software Firms


Q-CTRL offers intelligent infrastructure software to correct errors, autonomously stabilize hardware and provide solutions for problems facing quantum technology. It recently built quantum-sensing software that helps reduce errors on quantum computers.


Hardware Firms 

Baidu Quantum Computing Institute 

Baidu Research's Institute for Quantum Computing develops quantum algorithms and applications, communications and networks, encryption and security, error correction, architecture, measurement and control, and chip design.

Origin Quantum 

Origin Quantum is a full-stack quantum computing company. They specialize in developing and applying quantum chips, control systems, software, cloud services, and quantum artificial intelligence solutions.

SpinQ Technology Inc.

SpinQ is focused on developing superconducting quantum computers, desktop NMR-based quantum computers, and related quantum computing software.

Software Firms

Alibaba Quantum

Alibaba Quantum recently developed a quantum processor using fluxonium qubits, an uncommon choice for quantum computing. They seek to demonstrate the potential of fluxonium for developing highly performing superconducting circuits.


The Tencent Quantum Lab is focused on fundamental research, first principles simulations and quantum algorithms, and how these might serve enterprise customers.


Consulting Firms

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is working on novel quantum algorithms for diverse use cases across quantum optimization, machine learning, chemistry simulations, and security. It also seeks to accelerate experimentation, benchmarking, and development of quantum algorithms.


Hardware Firms 


Hitachi is using the spin of single electrons in standard semiconductor technology to deliver a scalable solution while also reducing the cost of development.


Fujitsu is developing an analog rotation quantum computing architecture to advance the realization of practical quantum computing. The new architecture reduces the number of physical qubits required for quantum error correction.

Software Firms


Groovenauts offers a quantum annealing service already used by several companies, including Toyota, MUFG Bank, and NTT. Their quantum software tools are used by researchers and developers around the world.


Toshiba manufactures quantum processors based on superconducting qubits and offers quantum software tools that make it easier to deploy quantum applications.


Software Firms

Horizon Quantum Computing

Horizon aims to empower users to write programs in traditional languages that can run on either conventional or quantum computers, eliminating the need for specific quantum computing knowledge.

South Korea 

Software Firms

Qunova Computing

Qunova Computing defines itself as a quantum application startup with a focus on quantum chemistry and quantum algorithm development.



Software Firms

Classiq Technologies

Classiq develops software technology to help teams model, synthesize, and analyze quantum circuits previously impossible to create. The platform allows users to develop circuits with up to 1000 qubits and execute them on any gate-based system and cloud provider.


Qedma is developing a new operating system designed to improve the accuracy of quantum computers, speed up their performance, and unleash their computational power to gain quantum advantage.

Hardware Firms

Quantum Machines 

Quantum Machines is a company that develops quantum control systems for superconducting quantum computers. Their products include the QControl software suite, the OPX control electronics platform, and the QCage chip packaging solution.



Software Firms


Quantum South works with complex optimization problems for cargo in airlines and ships leveraging quantum computing software. The company is also working on developing new quantum algorithms for financial services.

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