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Quantum Computer 'Surpasses Simulation by Supercomputer'

JPMorgan, Quantinuum demonstrate a 100x improvement in quantum computing power in benchmark test

Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

June 5, 2024

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QuantinuumH2 processor powered by Honeywell

Quantum computing company Quantinuum has demonstrated that its quantum computer has surpassed the ability to be simulated by the world’s best supercomputers for running a benchmark algorithm. 

In tests with partner JPMorgan Chase, the system also outperformed by 100x the previous results of a well-known industry-standard benchmark of quantum computing power.

According to Quantinuum, its new H2-1 quantum computer, with 56 trapped-ion qubits, has improved fidelity and is now impossible for a classical computer to fully simulate.

In quantum computing, fidelity is a measure of the accuracy of quantum operations and indicates how close an operation gets during execution to the operation it is intended to do.

A team from Quantinuum and JPMorgan Chase ran a benchmark algorithm known as the Random Circuit Sampling (RCS) algorithm, which is the one Google used in the claim to quantum supremacy it made in 2029.

The researchers reported achieving a 100x improvement over Google's result, setting a new world record for the cross entropy benchmark.

“We’re extending our lead in the race towards fault-tolerant quantum computing, accelerating research for customers like JPMorgan Chase in ways that aren’t possible with any other technology,” said Quantinuum CEO Rajeeb Hazra. 

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“Our focus on quality of qubits versus quantity of qubits is changing what’s possible and bringing us closer to the long-awaited commercialization of quantum’s applications across industries like finance, logistics, transportation and chemistry.”

Quantinuum also reported that H2-1 executed the RCS algorithm using an estimated 30,000x less power than a classical supercomputer.

“The fidelity achieved in our random circuit sampling experiment shows unprecedented system-level performance of the Quantinuum quantum computer,” said JPMorgan Chase head of global technology applied research Marco Pistoia.

“We are excited to leverage this high fidelity to advance the field of quantum algorithms for industrial use cases broadly and financial use cases in particular.”

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